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Fire Emblem Wiki!

Started by Seritinajii, March 19, 2011, 04:25:23 AM

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There was already a thread a while ago about Fire Emblem in relation to NIWA, but I'm making a new one specifically about the wiki that will most likely be an upcoming member.

For a few months I have been working on the Fire Emblem Wiki. Currently I am an admin there. Of course, we are trying to join NIWA! We fit many of the requirements; however, we still have many stubs and wanted articles. There are many, many things to write about in Fire Emblem, and few of our editors know much about the Japan-only games.

Our goal is to join by April 20, which is the same date that the first Fire Emblem game was released, back in 1990. We only have a few editors, so we would really appreciate if some fans came to help! There is also a Skype chat; ask me or another editor (Aria der Donau, BrandedOne, SuperAlpaca) to add you if you are interested.


Is this a formal request to join NIWA, then? Because that would mean that the staff needs to have a discussion about it.

Bureaucrat of


Well, this isn't a formal request yet, but joining NIWA is a major goal of ours. I'm not exactly sure if we are ready yet, but we need some more help, which is why I posted the thread.


On a side note: It could be helpful for us to get some feedback on what we need to improve before we request to join NIWA. We've been wondering for a while now whether or not we are "ready". There are endless things to write about, but if there's anything specific that needs improvement, we'd appreciate it if you'd let us know.  ;)

Aria der Donau

Editor in Chief reporting!

We have made a formal request for reviewing in this thread.

The administrators and the members of the Fire Emblem Wiki are serious about this project. We are open to all suggestions; we want to make of this the best independent wiki for the series we all love so much.

As my comrades-in-arms said before, we welcome everyone there, whether they are just beginners or have been playing the games for years. Even if you just have played Super Smash Bros. Melee or Brawl - info on those games is also needed.

Just don't ask if both Marth and Roy appear in the same game, because that joke got old a long time ago ;)

Miles of SmashWiki

As a completely informal thing speaking on my own behalf, I would recommend improving this ASAP.

Srsbsns is always lurking (?_?)


Ah, thank you Miles. Been meaning to do that for a while now. I'd almost forgotten that was there...


The staff is currently in the process of formally reviewing Fire Emblem Wiki.info.  Once the said review has been completed, we will inform you.  The results will be given to you most likely through personal contact, though, this I cannot promise.  If another way is decided upon, you will know of it beforehand and during the forwarding. 


Good luck Fire Emblem Wiki!


Fire Emblem Wiki will do fine. I look forward to seeing them achieve their goals of joining NIWA.