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Worst Joke You've Ever Heard

Started by Member#36, June 11, 2010, 06:52:52 PM

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The title says it all, what is the worse joke you've ever heard?  It is corny, or just plain stupid?  Also, please describe why you feel this way, becasue  no one wants to spam the forums with bad jokes... we are more civilized than that. :3


Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side.

Thread over. ;)


Why was 6 afraid of 7?  ...because 7 ****ed 9. 

I bet you didn't see that coming.  [I can ruin a thread without your help Mel, thank you very much. :P]


that joke hurt :'(

clearly the worst joke ever

Noble Wrot

My little brother told me this one.

What did the ketchup say to the onion during the race? Ketchup.

I didn't get it either. I think he made it up himself. In any case, I win.


The absolute worst I have heard came from The Drew Carey Show. The protagonist told a joke he claimed could not offend anybody:

Some people walk into a place. The end.

In hindsight, I feel it might offend professional comedians.
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Lazor Shroom Midna Freak

Copy-pasted from tvtropes.org:

A traveler was headed down a lonely road when it began to rain. Luckily he happened upon a monastery just off the side of the road. He knocked on the door and was greeted by one of the monks. He asked if he could stay the night, to which the monk replied that their order would gladly shelter him, as long as he stayed out of the tower with no doors. As he settled down for the night he suddenly heard an ungodly noise coming from the tower the monk mentioned, a cross between screaming and the wind on aluminum foil. Then suddenly it stopped and he soon fell asleep. He awoke refreshed and asked one of the monks about the sound, but the monk replied that only monks of their monastery may know what is in the tower. He thanked the monks for their hospitality and went on his way. About a year later he returned to the monastery and asked about becoming a monk. The head monk replied that if he would aid the monastery in small ways they would consider him. So for the next five years he helped tend the gardens, clean the windows, and learn of the monks' religion. He even once helped them recover a holy relic to be housed in the monastery. Eventually the head monk told the traveler he was ready to become a monk and initiated him. The monks recited a prayer for such an occasion and provided him with a robe of their brotherhood, and the head monk said it was time to see what was in the tower. The head monk led the new initiate down into the catacombs, deeper and deeper until the head monk found and pressed a loose brick. This opened a secret passage leading to a spiral stair. Up, up they went. Their legs grew tired until the head monk opened a trap door leading to a room surrounded with ivy covered trellises. They were inside the tower now. The head monk opened a door leading to another spiral staircase leading to the room at the very top of the tower. The head monk pulled out a key and unlocked the wooden door, pulling it aside to reveal a rusty iron door. The door clattered as the head monk pulled it open, and behind it was a titanium door. The head monk pressed a six digit PIN on a panel on the door and it slid open. The room was at first too dark to see anything. The head monk flipped a switch and a dim light bulb flickered on. Finally the traveler saw with his own eyes the source of that mysterious sound which he had spent all those years laboring to discover. But I can't tell you what it was because you're not a monk.


Hey, Alec!

Me: What

You've got 5 seconds to get rid of that word!

(Rotten tomatoes thrown.)

I blame the economy.


[At a camp talent show...]

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To introduce Niwa Network on the flute!

(That's not the actual performer.)

Also, would name puns fit into this category?



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Quote from: Seritinajii on September 05, 2010, 11:34:53 PM
Also, would name puns fit into this category?

Yes, but then we would have to include all of them. And that would artificially inflate the post count.
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What did the ReDead do to the ReDead?

Well this explains it.

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Abe Lincoln walks into a bar *shot*