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What adept would you be?

Started by Naesala, December 02, 2010, 02:07:42 AM

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What adept would you be?

3 (37.5%)
2 (25%)
3 (37.5%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 8


I'd be a Mercury adept, water/ice powers rule!



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Little backstory to help you all choose, not very spoilerific, but might have some. If you have more interest refer to the Golden Sun Universe Wiki.

Venus: earth power, party leaders. Good attack, good spells, good support. [Issac, Felix, Matthew and Himi]
Mars: fire power, used by characters that are better attacking anyways. Some good spells and supports but nothing that great. [Garet, Jenna, Tyrell and Eoleo]
Mercury: water power, normally used by healing characters. These characters have a hard time attacking. [Mia, Piers, Rief and Amiti]
Jupiter: wind power, good all around characters for attacking but best support moves. [Ivan, Sheba, Karis and Sveta]


Judging by those descriptions, it seems I would be a Jupiter.


i would either be Jupiter or Venus
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Guess who I am?!


Me: I'm Jupiter.

Jupiter Adepts are the intuitive ones, the ones that have wit and maintain an air of mystery. :P

(And in Astrology I'm also air aligned for anyone who knows anything about Astrology:Gemini)


Astrology? No, Astronomy is better :)

Anyways, I'm a Virgo and Virgo's zodiac element is earth. However Virgo's Domicile is Mercury so I'm gonna say Mercury, mostly because I love water but in some form of mind, my zodiac sign says so.

(see that's why Edofenrir is awesome)