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Bakushou Mondai no Houkago no Ousama

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Bakushou Mondai no Houkago no Ousama
Bakushou Mondai no Houkago no Ousama title.png
Publisher(s): Nintendo/St. GIGA
Platform: Satellaview (Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Category: Radio show, magazine
Release dates
Japan: 1995
The following content contains information that may not be age appropriate, and may be offensive or upsetting. Viewer discretion is advised.

Bakushou Mondai no Houkago no Ousama (literally Roar of Laughter Questions/Difficulties After-School King) was a 1995 Satellaview comedy radio show and virtual magazine in the Houkago no Ousama series. It was released with Wario's Woods: Bakushou Version.

A number of shows were included, such as Yuki Uchida Street Kids, AK Live Hit Gang and Riko Kushida Game Tora no Ooana. The radio show contains mature content, such as people smoking and what may be profiles on female idols, with photographs.

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