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Kid Icarus 3D Anime

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Icaruspedia logo.png This article is a short summary of Kid Icarus 3D Anime.
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The Kid Icarus 3D Anime was a series of Kid Icarus series and Kid Icarus: Uprising related short animations, released via Nintendo Video.


  • Thanatos Rising: This animation was produced by Production I.G with three parts focusing on Kid Icarus battling against Medusa's minions.
  • Medusa's Minions: This animation was produced by STUDIO 4°C with one part. It focuses one Medusa and her minions, from Medusa's own perspective.
  • Palutena's Revolting Dinner: This animation is more light-hearted and features Palutena, Pit, and the Centurions battling against an army of vegetables that Palutena accidentally created.

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