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Nintendo Video

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Nintendo Video was a free downloadable application for the Nintendo 3DS. It enables the 3DS to display videos in 3D. Using the SpotPass feature, players can receive and view movie trailers, comedy clips, and music videos, all specially selected for their 3D functionality.[1] It was available in Japan, Europe, Oceania,[2][3] and North America starting July 13, 2011 (July 21, 2011). Like the Nintendo eShop, the app updates regularly. Users can have a maximum of four videos at a time, one of which is deleted with every update. However, starting October 20, 2011, Nintendo released previously deleted videos on the eShop in North America, where they can be purchased as permanent additions to the 3DS menu.[4][5] The Nintendo Video app was terminated in Europe on April 4, 2014, in Japan, Oceania, and some countries on March 31, 2014, and in North America on June 29, 2015.[6][7][8] certain videos could be viewed on eShop, however, but they have been removed on March 27, 2023 following the service's discontinuation.

List of videos

Title Series/Company(s) Release Length First positioned
SUNDAY JOG July 21, 2011 3:12 Top Left
A short animated film about two joggers who set out for a stroll on a beautiful Sunday morning. They are alarmed by what appears to be an earthquake-which quickly reveals itself to be much more.
Dinosaur Office CollegeHumor November 22, 2011 01:55 Top Left
Craig's friends help him fix his computer. Rawr!
Dinosaur Office: Fired CollegeHumor November 30, 2011 01:41 Top Left
Craig worries about job security. Rawr!
Dinosaur Office: Asteroid CollegeHumor December 10, 2011 01:38 Top Left
The dinosaurs worry about the weather. Rawr!
Dinosaur Office: Traffic CollegeHumor December 15, 2011 01:28 Top Left
The dinosaurs might be late for work. Rawr!

Title Series/company(s) Release Length First positioned
The Remote Blue Man Group January 1, 2012 <length> Top left
The Nintendo Video New Year's Telethon delivers new videos to you every 2 hours! To vote for your favorite call 1-877-752-9866. The Telethon ends at 2:00AM EST January 2. Vote now!
Nintendo Video Telethon Nintendo January 1, 2012 :16 Top left
We're busy counting kittens to tabulate your votes! The winner of the Nintendo Video New Year's Telethon is coming soon... Tune-in[sic] after 2PM PST January 2 to find out who won!
Last Year's Resolutions 3net January 1, 2012 4:30 Bottom right
In order to win one million dollars, one man will try to do one hundred New Year's Resolutions in one day.
Dinosaur Office CollegeHumor January 2, 2012 1:49 Top left
Introducing the winner of the first-ever Nintendo Video New Year's Telethon! As the #1 vote-getter of 2011, we're making this video available for an extended run. Enjoy the victory lap!
Experience 3D 3net January 2, 2012 3:20 Bottom left
Ride along on a heart-pounding roller coaster, reaching almost 100 mph and pulling 5 G's, twisting and turning into space.
Dinosaur Office: Volcano CollegeHumor January 8, 2012 1:30 Top left
Disaster preparedness is important. Rawr!
Live Fire 3net January 8, 2012 2:40 Bottom left
At the US Army Reserve training school reservists receive 21 days of intense training before they deploy to Afghanistan.
Flying Steps Red Bull January 9, 2012 3:24 Top right
In a disused boiler works with heavy water tanks, pipe and steel constructions, parkour artist Ryan Doyle and the "Flying Steps" showcase their mind-blowing moves.
Son of a Pitch: Y2K* Jump! Creative January 9, 2012 4:30 Bottom right
In the year 2000, the Y2K virus misfired. Now it's back, and the world as we know it will never be the same again.
Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Nintendo January 14, 2012 4:35 Top left
Kirby's ready for action in part one of this special, two-part 3D episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Nintendo January 24, 2012 3:52 Top left
Lobzilla has Kirby on the ropes in part two of this special 3D episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Who can Kirby turn to for help? The answer may surprise you!
Monkeys of Africa 3net January 26, 2012 3:20 Bottom left
DeBrazza and Colobus Monkeys are native to Africa, but at an English zoo they squabble over lunch of fruit and vegetables. Monkeys of Africa is part of the Feeding Time series on 3net.
Red Bull Dirt Pipe Red Bull January 29, 2012 2:48 Top right
BMX riders like Jed Mildon board the Red Bull Dirt Pipe, a 20-metre half pipe carved out of Australian red dirt in the middle of the Victorian alpine region.
Road to Hana 3net January 29, 2012 2:51 Bottom left
Drive the Road to Hana where the Pacific laps at lava cliffs just inches from your car on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Road to Hana is part of the Experience 3D series on 3net.
Cracking the Pyramids 3net February 1, 2012 3:21 Bottom left
Brit Eaton explores the pyramids of Giza and using the simple tools, discovers how giant blocks of stone are cut. Cracking the Pyramids is part of The Ancient Life series on 3net.
Coming Soon! Nintendo February 1, 2012 :24 Bottom right
Coming this Friday to Nintendo Video (tm) -- DROWN IN THE NOW!
DROWN IN THE NOW UVPHACTORY February 3, 2012 4:42 Top left
UVPHACTORY created a graphic black, white and red New York neighborhood that has been infested by small robots. The video culminates with Matisyahu's rescue via boat by the Crystal Method.
Touchdown University* Son of a Pitch February 3, 2012 4:00 Bottom right
You're never too old to go to college, but when a 50-year-old man becomes the star quarterback, being a college senior takes on a whole new meaning.
John Deere - Combines 3net February 4, 2012 3:09 Bottom left
Follow the production of the John Deere Combine Harvester. It takes a factory covering 3.5 million square feet to build. John Deere is part of The Building the Brand series on 3net.
Indoor BMX Tricks 3net February 7, 2012 3:19 Bottom left
In California an international team of BMXers from Chile, the UK and USA push the boundaries of what's possible in BMX. Indoor BMX Tricks is part of the High Octane series on 3 net.[sic]
Ghost Rider: SOV Trailer* Marvel February 8, 2012 2:13 Top right
Johnny Blaze teams up with the leader of a group of rebel monks to save a young boy from the devil... and possibly rid himself of his curse forever.
Bouldering 3net February 10, 2012 2:55 Bottom left
Near Bishop CA, Wills and Lisa, a team of fearless boulders, climb without ropes or support to challenge themselves. Bouldering is part of the Experience 3D series on 3net.
Coming Soon! Nintendo February 12, 2012 :29 Bottom right
Coming this Tuesday to Nintendo Video(tm) - Dinosaur Office Romance!
Grizzly Encounters 3net February 13, 2012 2:43 Bottom left
With their powerful jaws, extremely muscular frame and long sharp claws, Grizzly Bears should be avoided at all costs. Grizzly Encounters is part of the Feeding Time series on 3net.
Dinosaur Office: Romance CollegeHumor February 14, 2012 2:03 Top right
Craig deals with matters of the heart. Rawr!
Part 1: Wallflower Tango Paperwolf February 14, 2012 3:47 Top right
It takes two to tango, but will Charlotte ever find her partner?
Part 2: Wallflower Tango Paperwolf February 14, 2012 3:48 Bottom right
So far, so good. But when Kalle the Thief is chased away, Charlotte returns to the tango parlor alone. Or is she?
Amateur Road Race 3net February 16, 2012 3:31 Bottom left
Amateur race car drivers and their eclectic variety of supercharged vehicles are put through their paces near Tucson AZ. Amateur Road Race is part of the Experience 3D series on 3net.
Snowboarding the Alps 3net February 19, 2012 2:32 Bottom left
Follow pro snowboarders Alessandro Boyens and Kobi Wursch downhill as they pull some big rotations high in the Swiss Alps. Snowboarding the Alps is part of the High Octane series on 3net.
Step 1: Cut Down a Tree 3net February 22, 2012 3:53 Bottom left
Spencer and Eugene decide to build the Fort Know of chicken coops, but first they need to cut down a nearby Hickory tree. This video is part of the Hillbilly Blood series on 3net.
The Descendants* Fox Searchlight Pictures February 24, 2012 1:59 Top left
Actress Shailene Woodley shares her admiration for Director Alexander Payne's ability to seamlessly weave dark and light emotions together in this story of a family re-connecting.
Martha Macy interview Fox Searchlight Pictures February 24, 2012 2:32 Top right
Filmmakers and cast believe Martha Macy May Marlene to be a unique experience that takes you into the mindset of the main characters. Above all, this film sets out to tell a story.
Building Trek Bikes 3net February 25, 2012 3:10 Bottom left
At Trek Bicycle in rural Wisconsin learn how paper thin carbon fiber is transformed into rock solid feather-light frames. Building Trek Bikes is part of the Building the Brand series on 3net.
Little Boat 3D Nelson Boles February 28, 2012 3:59 Top left
One little boat, one big 3D journey.
In Darkness interview* Sony Pictures Classics February 28, 2012 2:43 Top right
Oscar nominated Best Foreign Language Film of the Year in 2012. Director Holland embraces darkness and reality in filming and discusses how her family background influences her work.
Hoisting Sail 3net February 28, 2012 2:51 Bottom left
Aboard a replica of an old sailing schooler a group of school kids learn about working together to raise a 3,000 lb sail. Hoisting Sail is part of the Experience 3D series on 3net.
The Lady interview EuropaCorp February 28, 2012 3:04 Bottom right
The Lady tells the story of Aung San Suu Kyi leading Burma's democracy movement, and her relationship with her husband. The director discusses the challenges in creating a film based on truth.
Flying Over Dunes 3net March 2, 2012 Unknown Top right
A group of off roaders gather their 800hp, turbo charged sand rails for a day of insane wheelies, slides and monster jumps. This video is part of the High Octane series.
Habibi Interview Dubai Media and Entertainment Organisation March 2, 2013 Unknown Unknown
This film is a modern re-telling of a seventh century love story. The director fell in love and experienced her own romance when filming Habibi in Gaza.
The Woman in the Fifth* Memento Films March 5, 2012 2:18 Bottom left
Director Pawlikowski and star Ethan Hawke joke around together. The director sought Hawke to play a characters that ends up on a mysterious journey in Paris.
NYC Cabbie competition 3net March 5, 2012 2:24 Bottom right
The New York City taxi system is a marvel of individual bussinessmen. Discover how the 48,000 cabbies compete for business. This video is part of the Super Systems series on 3net.
Pancake Monster 3net March 5, 2012 3:11 Top right
When diner owner Dave suffers monster nightmares, Dream Defenders Zane and Zoey travel to the Dreamworlds to rescue Dave. Pancake Monster is part of the Dream Defenders series on 3net.
Shaun the Sheep Aardman Animations March 7, 2012 Unknown Unknown
Watch episodes of Shaun the Sheep every Wednesday on Nintendo Video in 3D!
Kid Icarus 3D Anime Production IG March 8, 2012 3:07 Top left
Thanatos Rising – Part 1
Pit, the heroic angel, must battle against one of Medusa's generals - all in glorious 3D!
Climbing a Cliff of Ice 3net March 8, 2012 3:32 Top right
Ice climbers demonstrate the techniques and tools needed to scale overhanging rocks and ice pillars of a solid ice cliff. This video is part of the High Octane series.
Blip: Flag Hog 3net March 8, 2012 2:43 Bottom left
Bolts & Blip are just average everyday robots who finally get their wish to play in the Lunar League of Robotic Sports. This video is part of the Bolt[sic] & Blip series.
Kid Icarus 3D Anime Production IG March 10, 2012 3:00 Top right
Thanatos Rising – Part 2
Pit, the heroic angel, soars as he chases down Thanatos, God of Death, to stop his evil machine from destroying a city.
Cruisin' the PCH 3net March 12, 2012 2:47 Bottom right
The Pacific Coast Highway, that fabled ribbon of road, is a favorite of drivers who cruise the PCH in their vintage cars. This video is part of the Experience 3D series.
Kid Icarus 3D Anime Production IG March 13, 2012 3:00 Bottom left
Thanatos Rising – Part 3
Pit and Thanatos square off in the ultimate battle to the end. Who will reign victorious?
Dinosaur Office: Guys' Night Out CollegeHumor May 24, 2012 3:49 Top right
The dinos go out to eat or be eaten.
Madagascar 3 Trailer DreamWorks Animation May 26, 2012 2:25 Top left
Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman journey through Europe in a traveling circus as they fight to get home to the Big Apple.
Meat or Die June 2, 2012 2:00 Top right
Once upon a time in the future, there are two hungry dinosaurs...

Meet Yans and Gans. They're not too smart. But the're hungry and hunting for meat! Will they ever fill their bellies?

THREEDIOTS Episode 1 CONSOLIDATED BAILY INC. June 6, 2012 4:02 Top left
3D Pulp Comedy!
Dinosaur Office: Bring Your Child to Work Day CollegeHumor June 8, 2012 4:54 Bottom left
Kids can be such a mouthful.

Title Series/Company(s) Release Length First positioned
MONSTER MAN January 12, 2013 02:18 Bottom Left
DEVO's new video is a 3D tribute to the Japanese monster films of the 1970s. The video features DEVO as cyborgs, a rampaging Godzilla-esque beast, and a super humanoid preventing total annihilation.
Next Time! March 20, 2013 00:37 Top Left
NEXT TIME on Nintendo Video™: BearShark: Dragon — Coming this Friday.
BearShark: Dragon CollegeHumor
  • March 22, 2013
  • May 11, 2013
2:27 Top Left
Bear and Shark get fired.
BearShark: Ghost CollegeHumor April 5, 2013 02:43 Top Left
Bear and Shark get paranormal indigestion.
Next Time! April 16, 2013 00:33 Top Left
NEXT TIME on Nintendo Video™: BearShark: Old — Coming this Thursday!
BearShark: Old CollegeHumor April 18, 2013 2:42 Top Left
Run fast, die old.

Title Series/Company(s) Release Length First positioned
Pikmin Safari Episode 2* January 2, 2014 02:21 Bottom Left
In the next episode of Pikmin Safari, we're plodding prudently through the winter wonderland that is the Distant Tundra while introducing you to some of its more interesting inhabitants.
Kite* Shaun the Sheep October 24, 2014 2:08 Top Left
It's a windy day when Shaun tries to fly his new kite -- but the wind turns out to be the least of his troubles!
Turbo FAST Funapalooza* November 8, 2014 2:07 Bottom Left
The Turbo FAST team goes on a video game marathon!
Watch the full episode now on Netflix!

Title Series/Company(s) Release Length First positioned
Bee and PuppyCat Ep. 4* January 2, 2015 06:41 Top right
Bee and PuppyCat take on a furry new temp job involving lots of big kitties and a little bit of TV viewing.