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* Bulbagarden / [[Bulbapedia]] -
* Bulbagarden / [[Bulbapedia]] -
* [[Hard Drop Wiki]] -
* [[Hard Drop Wiki]] -
* [[Fire Emblem Wiki]] Discord -
* [[Fire Emblem Wiki]] Discord -
* [[Nookipedia]] -
* [[Nookipedia]] -
* [[Smash Wiki]] -
* [[Smash Wiki]] -

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Each wiki in NIWA is unique, in one way or another. Some of the wiki's are similar in one aspect, while are very different in others.

One thing that is different among all the wiki's is how it relates to the fan community(ies) at large of the same series that the wiki services.

Examples include:

  • Zelda Wiki's Masterminds.
  • Bulbapedia is part of the Bulbagarden Network, a fan-site that also has a news wiki, forums,
  • Super Mario Wiki's Forums.

Outside-Wiki Communication

Each wiki chooses how it will best coomunicate with its users, and staff. For some wiki's these discussions take place in outside software, such as Skype and IRC. These are a list of all the methods the wiki can choose, and which wiki has chosen which method.


Also avalible here:







  • Zelda Wiki


  • SmashWiki
  • Super Mario Wiki
  • F-Zero Wiki

Forums (Separate Software)

Forums (MediaWiki Extension)

  • Pikipedia

More detailed contact info

Sample Row

| style="background:#ffffff;" | Name
| style="background:#ffffff;" | Contact
| style="background:#ffffff;" | Skype
| style="background:#ffffff;" | IRC
| style="background:#ffffff;" | Forums

Current List

Name Contact Page Skype info IRC info Forums info
NIWA NIWA Central Contact Page group chat available in Skype N/A NIWA Central forums
NintendoWiki N/A group chat available in Skype N/A NIWA Central forums