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Project Mekuru
Developer: Over Fence[1]
Publisher: Nintendo[2]
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Category: Action
Players: 1-4
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
Release dates
N. America:

Summer 2017[2]


Summer 2017[3]


Summer 2017[4]


Winter 2017[5]

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Project Mekuru (working title[2]) is an upcoming action party game for the Nintendo Switch. The game is being developed by Japanese developer Over Fence, and is set for release on the Nintendo eShop in summer 2017.[2]



Up to four players are placed on a board, with the goal being to flip the most panels by jumping into the air and slamming them rear-first, flipping them to the color corresponding to the player. As players flip panels they can discover power-ups, such as ones that increase their flipping range and increasing running speed.

Project Mekuru can be played locally or online.


A brief glimpse of the game was first shown off during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 event. Nintendo would later reveal Project Mekuru during its Nindies Showcase Event in February 2017 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.[1] The game would finally be shown off during the April 2017 Nintendo Direct.[2]

Technical details

Technical Details

Digital download (Nintendo Switch)

Supported features

Online play


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