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Herp all the derps, I made a post that I meant for this topic here instead. Whoops.
NintendoWiki discussion / Re: NintendoWiki dead?
March 16, 2013, 08:38:28 PM
Hello, my name's Craig and I'm an active member on the WarsCentral forums. For those not in the know, that's the site that plays host to WarsWiki.

Before I say anything else, I'm going to make it absolutely certain that I am not a spokeman for the site. I am not representing the site, the forums, the wiki, or anything else. I'm simply here stating my take on this whole shebang.

(As a tangent, if you do wish to speak to someone who can represent our community, head over to http://forums.warscentral.com/ and get in contact with the new admin team - Sammieo and/or PanicAttack. But anyway.)

As far as I can remember, WarsWiki joined NIWA fairly soon after it was conceived. At the time, I think it's fair to say that as a site we very much still considered ourselves a contender in the ever-shrinking Advance Wars fansite race, and as such an active wiki as part of a growing, if somewhat specialist, wiki alliance was quite a boon. If we'd had benefitted at all.

Sure, we got some new articles and our wiki was standardised and tidied up a lot. Like a whole lot. But our community didn't see any new active members join us. Hell, the aforementioned PanicAttack started a TVtropes article that can't have taken more than half 30 minutes to make and we still occasionally get new members from there. But not one from the wider NIWA pool.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming NIWA for 'not pulling your weight' or some other ridiculous blame game type thing with stuff. Like I said, our wiki very much benefitted (despite it's current dead status), but our community never saw any of these benefits because, pardon the generalisation, but 99% of our current active users never really gave a shit that we had a wiki anyway.

So, what happened to make us stop caring? I guess we evolved as a website and a community. We quickly realised we weren't really a contender when facing the likes of AWN, so we changed and found our niche; we have a very active Advance Wars RP that's been going strong for over four years now (in fact, I encourage anyone interested to take a looksie.)

Again, just wanna stress I'm not speaking for the community, I'm merely stating what I feel is the prevailing mood over there.

So, tl;dr. We as a community changed, and as a result we no longer really consider ourselves an 'infosite', for lack of a better descriptor.