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NIWA Discussion / WiKirby is broked
August 01, 2013, 01:44:49 AM
Sad Kirby is sad.

As of today, several of WiKirby's pages have been hit by a database error that renders them unrenderable, including Special:RecentChanges and Special:UserLogin.

The only person who has WiKirby server access, known as Adam, has been ridiculously xenophobic for several months and has not responded to any questions or concerns in a long time (despite having previously promised to give access to other, active, people). WiKirby's only chance at getting out of this ruined state is to get him to fix the problem and give someone else server access.

So, I'm rounding up the troops. I want everyone who cares about NIWA and WiKirby to send an e-mail to Adam via the EmailUser feature on Zelda Wiki (see his talkpage here) or the e-mail feature of the NIWA forums (see his user profile here). (If anyone knows of other ways to contact him, use those as well, and maybe post them here for others to use - but don't post his raw e-mail address or other such information here.) Tell him that you're from NIWA (specify a member wiki if you wish) and that you're disappointed that he's been ignoring his duties as a webmaster for a fellow NIWA wiki. Tell him that, at the absolute least, he should immediately give someone else server access so WiKirby can survive without him. Be polite and respectful, but make it very clear that his continuing absence and aloofness is not acceptable.

Spread this message across the rest of NIWA. We're not having a wiki fall apart because of one person's absence.
While there's an English version of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl website, the SSB64 and Melee websites are only available in Japanese, and from the bits and pieces that can be decoded with auto-translates there's some good info hidden there. SmashWiki is drafting a project to have these sites translated. If you haev an idea, or you're interested in helping, then we'd like some help.