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NIWA Discussion / Interwiki Redirect Pages
December 26, 2010, 08:04:37 AM
I'm bringing this to attention here. Zelda Wiki.org recently attempted to set up redirects to take users directly to Smash Wiki. They're breaking several special pages.

All the errors currently on there are caused by redirect pages to Smash Wiki. I'm told that other NIWA wikis had this kind of trouble too.

One of our users has this to say about it:
QuoteA bit early to come up with a conclusion, but here's what I think: The wiki takes the redirect and sees if it exists in the domain.

ie. It will look to see if zeldawiki.org/ssb:Dream Land exists, not ssbwiki.com/Dream Land
If that is the case, we either have to:
1. Fix the wiki from the inside
2. Delete the redirects

So the questions I have are: Are other wikis here having the same problem? If so, have you figured out anything about them? And then what could we do about them? If we can't fix it, should we all abandon these kind of redirects and instead make a more of "soft" redirects like what are used on Wikimedia sites (for example, German proverbs)?
Nintendo Gaming / Nintendo Movies
July 09, 2010, 04:07:15 PM
Yes, movies based on Nintendo games. We all know we want them. And so far the only ones to get real attempts has been Pokémon, which have been rather successful. They tried at Mario, but from what I understand, that flopped.  There are plenty of movies based on video games. One of the most recent being Prince of Persia.
For Nintendo, the ones I can think of being live action are Mario, Metriod, and Zelda.  I can't imagine Kirby or Pokémon ever being live action.
If done by a professional studio under license by Nintendo, I think such movies could work out. Really, Nintendo is appealing to the casual market more and more these days, why not tap into this potential [HUGE] income source?
Pokémon / New Eeveelutions
June 28, 2010, 06:47:07 PM
I suppose we can expect at least a pair of new Eeveelutions in Gen V. I looked over the current types that currently lacks an Eeveelution.
I'll make an attempt. Don't tease me, please. I'm not overly creative.

  • Spookeon - Ghost type
  • Rockeon -  Rock type
  • Aireon - Flying type
  • Steeleon - Steel type
  • Veneon - Poison type
  • Monkeon - Fighting type
  • Drageon - Dragon type
  • Insecteon - Bug type
  • Bouldeon - Ground type

Yeah, I know, Monkeon. But that was a hard one. I couldn't think of anything. My favorite, the Ghost-type Spookeon. I think it's a clever name. More so than "Leafeon".