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NIWA Discussion / Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
August 27, 2016, 02:05:15 AM
Walkazo, you will be missed.  :(
NIWA Discussion / Re: Members' Status
October 29, 2012, 09:15:35 PM
Hello, this is Wraith (Peanut64) of Pikmin Fanon Wiki. I am a Bureaucrat there, and as far as I can see, activity has recessed recently. I personally have a heavy load to deal with but I try to maintain the site. There are some good contributors still but I don't expect to see much traffic until the release of Pikmin 3. In a nutshell, it's not much different than the usual activity. But I assure you, the users that frequent the wiki still do care, and I can foresee a comeback in the amount of users and quality of their content, come Pikmin 3.

I hope this doesn't pass. It reminds me too much of China, but we are supposed to be free. So IF I could, I would help stop it.
NIWA Discussion / Re: What happened?
January 03, 2012, 03:11:03 AM
All Xizor said in an e-mail was he "Imagines Bulbapedia is doing maintenance". Is that true?
The Lounge / Re: What are you playing now?
October 16, 2011, 10:34:56 PM
Kirby: Mass Attack, Minecraft from time to time, and a plethora of shooter games that (maybe) half of the users on NIWA hate  :eekdance:
Fan Creations / Re: Mushrule RPG:Play
August 17, 2011, 10:18:57 PM
I can faintly see a strange man with a black coat. "Where am I?" I ask myself. "Who are you!" I try to yell, but I can't move a muscle. I focus harder and my grip on reality tightens. I can now visibly see that I am on a floating platform with an abyss all around me. I try to move but I am still petrified... A sudden movement distracts me and all of the sudden I can move again. I quickly assume a battle stance but I am unarmed. I detect the movement behind me, and as I turn around I feel a sudden impact to my back followed by pain.

I wake up about an hour later and realize that I was not attacked, but a strange temporal force caused me to feel pain and knock out. But now I am in a strange place, with the name "Toad Town" written on a huge sign. I notice that all of my armor and equipment is missing, and begin to look around for an armory of some sort...
Fan Creations / Re: Mushrule RPG:Signup
August 17, 2011, 09:36:57 PM
------ Basic Info ------
Character's Name: Erebus Darkly
Race: Hylian
Fighter Class: Archer
Abilities: Can disappear, uses custom magic-enhanced weapons, can engulf enemies in darkness that doesn't harm, just blinds them and traps them in a dream full of pain and misery that Erebus experienced.


------ Background Info ------
Character's History:
Erebus Darkly is a Hylian that is on his own. He used to be a simle man, with a nice life. Now he is considered a renegade archer by Hyrule, as he enlisted to become an archer but soon ran away. The real reason he had a sudden change in heart is unknown to even him. He doesn't even remember being any different than his dark and lonesome self. He travels around the land trying to find his purpose, and more importantly, his heart...
------ Additional Player/Character Info ------
He is not evil, and not at all overpowered. He just uses his dark powers for his personal gain, and sometimes for his friends' gain.
Other Media / Re: Google guitar song
August 07, 2011, 11:13:42 PM
I saw it. Nice.  ;)
Super Smash Bros / Re: Characters in Next SSB
July 27, 2011, 04:02:20 PM
I'm sorry to be a nub for saying this, but I'd like to see Goku. :P
Brawl is too old to have new products coming out for it.
Pikmin / Re: Pikmin 3 ideas
April 05, 2011, 01:25:18 AM
Quote from: Axiomist on December 24, 2010, 06:06:21 PM
A weak, but realistic expectation: Nintendo will offer online benefits, but not full Online Play. I expect something like Kirby's Epic Yarn's sharing screenshots, and a Leaderboard or something where peoples' game data would be ranked.

I...feel so bad.. "He expect(ed)s"... Man, I really feel bad now...
Other Media / Re: The Big Bang Theory Thread
April 02, 2011, 12:50:22 AM
I love this show! :D
Other Media / Re: The Office
April 02, 2011, 12:49:06 AM
Quote from: Kaiba on December 30, 2010, 08:24:35 AM
Not a fan of it.

Kaiba, it seems every TV show you have to say that to.
Other Media / Re: Invader ZIM!/Nickelodeon
April 02, 2011, 12:47:09 AM
Quote from: tacopill on January 15, 2011, 12:55:48 AM
Quote from: pikachu8090 on January 14, 2011, 03:29:48 AM
Invader ZIM is on Nicktoons now (has been for a while)

sweet! I like nicktoons......and "the hub".....

The hub is nice.
The Lounge / Re: One-line-per-post story game
March 31, 2011, 12:10:43 AM
Nappa gets mad and just... becomes intangible and floats away..
The Lounge / Re: NIWA Community Thread 2011
March 24, 2011, 11:54:35 PM
Quote from: MotherMario on March 24, 2011, 02:20:19 AM
iPHONES SUCK. Anyway, I wanted to get an HTC Inspire, and an iPod. What model would be best?

D: I have an iPhone...
The Lounge / Re: NIWA Community Thread 2011
March 24, 2011, 02:13:43 AM
Quote from: Member#36 on March 23, 2011, 02:08:49 AM
Quote from: Peanut64 on March 23, 2011, 02:05:37 AM
I think Kaiba shouldn't be banned. Although he really crossed the line, It was because of what I said. If anyone is to be banned it is me..
Speaking of the taffy, it's more like a Jolly Rancher unless you suck on it first.  :(  I blame the recipe.
Jolly ranchers are way too hard. :P I just couldn't imagine taffy like that, heh.
The Lounge / Re: NIWA Community Thread 2011
March 23, 2011, 02:05:37 AM
I think Kaiba shouldn't be banned. Although he really crossed the line, It was because of what I said. If anyone is to be banned it is me..
I feel very sad and will always remember him. Not who he was, no, I didn't know him, but what kind of person he was. He was the first NIWA administrator that really helped me. Not to mention that he helped encourage us at Pikmin Fanon along with Pikipedia to move to NIWA. He was a great person, I just wish I would have talked to him more. :(