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Started by KidIcarus, March 08, 2013, 12:06:33 PM

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My name is ekans
my trainer beckons
I get there in time
cause I'm a mr mime

Use hydro pump!
right in his rump
I beat his boodie
and one some rupees

we used the money to buy some poke balls
and threw them all at the walls
the walls turned out to be registeels
and we rode him to the bastille

now mrs jenny got in a little fight
and we fought her back cause that wasn't right
she took out her weapon
and she got her step on

took her heels and put it on our necks
i said please stop all i want is dex
impressed, she was glad
no longer did she see me as bad

what a night
needed a bite
went straight to bed
later got wed

now mrs jenny was mrs ekans mime
but you can just call her mommy of nine
cause very next day
she laid nine golden eggs