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NintendoWiki Coverage and Scope - Hardware thread

Started by tacopill, December 02, 2013, 01:23:32 AM

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This thread is about discussing Nintendo's hardware. For the main thread and other topics, please see this main thread.

To start this topic off, I have a few questions:

  • What should be in the infoboxes, navigation templates and others?
  • What sections should be in all hardware articles and what should be in just consoles, just accessories, etc.?
  • What lists, comparisons and categories would be helpful?

Some related pages:
Technical Details, Console Categoy, Accessories Category.


For Infoboxes
- Name (dur)
- Image (also dur)
- Codename
- Release Date
- Storage Media
- Internet Capable
- Technical Specs (CPU, GPU, RAM)
- Input Devices

and probably many more


My vote goes towards consoles, accessories, hardware chips, media formats, and hacking tutorials



actually, I'd like to ammend my vote. Please no hacking tutorials