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Do you watch the Anime?

Started by 5thgenerator, May 01, 2010, 11:57:03 PM

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The question is in the subject. Do you watch the anime?

I sometimes do before heading off to school, but not always.


When the first season came out, when I saw five or six (or some where around there), I definitely watched it.  I continued to watch it all the way until after Adavanced Battle.  By that time, I only watched it every one in a while.  Now, however, I bearly watch it at all.


I watched is up until I lost cable back in December


I stopped watching it after..... I don't remember. But I got really bored during the Gen 3 era. There was too much filler and pointlessness in my eyes. ESPECIALLY the Diamond and Pearl series. After having 170+ episodes for the branch in the anime, Ash doesn't even have the 8th damn badge yet, not even in the un-dubbed episodes. Speaking of filler, after looking through Bulbapedia, it's taking Ash 50+ episodes to get from the 7th gym to the 8th Gym Battle, brilliant. In the mean time, he keeps worrying about Legendaries, the Grand Festival, and teaching his Gible Draco Meteor for whatever reason. Speaking of the Grand Festival, didn't May separate with Ash to go to the Grand Festival, and then create 2 mini story arks? Why can't that happen again?....

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