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Mushrule RPG:Rules

Started by tacopill, May 20, 2010, 09:48:15 PM

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(Notice:This is a Rules-focused thread of the Forum-based-RPG, called "Mushrule RPG", located right here on the NIWA Forums. The central thread for all information on this game is located here. Please visit it if you need more info on the game, are intersted in joining or anything related, but is not-rules-based)

The following are the rules of the game, and any clarifications needed. If you have any questions, need clarification on a rule, or something similar, please add them bellow.
1) Only characters who are from the Mario Universe or Zelda Universe, or are OC's from there can be here.
2) PC's must be distinct from existing (or formally existing) characters, and must be distinct from all other characters in the Nintendo Multiverse. This includes:

  • no Pokemon Trainers, unless the character can train monsters/creatures from the respective universes as specified in #1
  • no characters from star fox, earthbound/mother, etc. Deliberate knock offs will have their character killed as soon as someone notices and gives a warning and a chance to add said distinction, but has not complied in 1 week.
3) A later post always overrides an earlier one, unless otherwise specified AGM.
4) If a player can't continue for a period of time, it is asked that the player writes one more notice, where the character asks to leave temporarily. The reason should fit well with the character.
5) if the player needs to leave permanent, they should inform the GM as to this and allow the GM to adapt the story, if needed, to the change.
6) Private messages concerning the game, backroom conferencing and other similar actions are discouraged, and if they cause a decrease in quality of the game, all participates maybe asked to leave this game.
7) The exception to #6 is any player-AGM talks, that neither person wants public AND is necessary for the game to continue. These include: finding items, information, etc. that not everyone in the party should know at the current moment.
8) Each player is responsible for there own inventory after their initial setup. They are responsible for ensuring no fluctuation in quantity of the items happens, without an in-game reason (like, "i found 30 arrows *holds up arrows*").
9) Each player should not randomly generate a key item. If they have an idea for one, please inform an AGM or Storyteller first through and if approved, he/she will add it to the story.
10) All rules questions clarifications should go in this "rules" thread. All out-of-game introductions should go in the "sign up" thread. All in-game information, except anything included in the signup/introduction post, should go in the "play" thread.
11) editing posts in the "play" thread, or any related "guild" thread, that are more than a week old, of more than 2 pages (20 posts) from the current last post of said thread, will warrant the editor  a warning, and a banning for multiple offences over time.

  • a) it is highly preferred you only edit your latest post, unless your edit logically goes in an old post.  If that's the case, please refer to rule #11.
12) no one will be required to read posts that are more than 3 pages back, unless it is really necessary. Please refer to the wiki instead.
13)The positions in the game are as follows:

  • Game Master - Head of the entire game.
  • Assistant Game Master - Helps keep track of game information, fine tuning the game mechanics, etc.   
  • Story Teller - Responsible for coming up with the background for the nations, important NPCs, etc. 
  • Guild Leader - Responsible for keeping track of their guild, reporting and representing the guild to the rest of us  out-of-the-game, and there character will be a leader in-the-game

14) positions in the game, positions in the wiki and on the forum do not necessarily reflect one another. Being in a position for one, doesn't help, nor hinder being in a position of the other.

  • a) In addition, being in a position doesn't guarantee a position in one of the others.
  • b) One person may be 2 of the positions detailed in # 13, but no more.
  • c) Only one person in the game can be GM at any given time.
15) Participants should not be bound to these roles, and should be allowed to switch as often as they want, just not in the middle of a session.
16) Standard RPG Terminology have no effect here. You are free to use them (when out of character), but they have no effect on the game.

  • a) That being said, Characters may have alignments (good, evil, chaotic, orderly), but they aren't bound to play that way.
  • b) A participate may choose to play A character who chooses to do evil acts.
17) How Major Events  effect characters will be up to that player and there guild leader. The guild leader will need to know of major events, and determine if the members of their guild find out about or not. They however, can't stop an event from happening, nor start one without the consent from a storyteller.
18) Leveling up, XP, etc. is awarded by an AGM at the end of a story arc. This is too make sure the administration keeps track of everyone's levels, progression, etc. They are not based on post count, or amount of contributions to the wiki (but may be a reward or separate achievement altogether). 
19) Key items shall be kept track of by the storyteller(s) and the AGM(s).
20) The wiki exists to be a place where details can be expanded, easily edited and/or grouped together (as needed) and to reduce the amount of information that would require multiple threads on the forums. At the same time, we can't require people to use the wiki, if they don't wish to. With this in mind, please observe the following rules:

  • a) Any information that is absolutely necessary for the player to know should go on the forums, in a respective thread. These include: "Rules", "Play", "Sigup".
  • b) All "How to Play" Information should go in the wiki, along with other details like "Item Effects", "Guild Details", "Strategy Guides", etc.
  • c) If someone thinks a new thread is a necessity, please ask around first.

Of course, don't hesitate to ask any questions. This post maybe updated as the game goes on.


New rule suggestion: You roll four dice at the end of each turn. If you get four 6's, you automatically win.