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Please can we close this?

Started by KidIcarus, February 08, 2013, 10:10:54 PM

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It just creates clutter on the home page


I can't even see it listed on the home page.


This was supposed to have been locked anyway, any reason why it wasn't?
NIWA Coordinator


Oh, right, you mean the whole Wars subforum, not just this archived bit.  Yeah, I had forgotten this was moved elsewhere.

So, problem is, the link from the main page links to this subforum, completely bypassing the 'redirect' which is actually just a link in the subforum's comment.  I don't believe the link should be removed entirely, but made into an actual redirect to the wiki's forums.  If we do this, though, the archive becomes inaccessible - does that matter?  Could all archives be moved elsewhere, or something?  (BTW, I noticed the DK link was to the wiki, not to their forums, so I fixed it.)

(I was trying to find the topic where this was organised, but I failed.)