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Hey You, Pikachu! remake

Started by R7308xx, November 27, 2010, 04:32:13 AM

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There should be a Hey You, Pikachu! remake.
I blame the economy.


Agreed. Maybe for the 3DS! It would be like Nintendogs+Cats! Just with a PIKACHU!

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it would be fun, and it would work now that the Wii has a microphone


You should be able to turn the 3DS upwards and downwards to look up and down, nod yes & no, and use the slide pad (S-Pad) to move forwards, backwards, and turn sideways, use a button to activate microphone, obtain a camera item to take 3D pictures of Pikachu, "say cheese" "smile"

"PSP!..." "Microsoft" "Xbox..." " >:(PIKAAA! >:("
"Nintendo." "Pika-Pika :laugh:"
"Team Rocket!" "Pika!  ???"
"Jigglypuff"   Pika? :-[ Looks Around
"Sega!" "Pika-Pika!" :angel:  translation: We've settled our differences...

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Many Pokemon from Generation II, & III, and their evolutions/Pre Evolutions should be shown, with some Gen IV & very few, Gen V Pokemon, I like Zoroa, Zoroark, Victini, Jirachi, Castform, Cherim, Cacnea, Seviper, Zangoose, Carnivine, Dustox, Cacturne, Milotic, Jigglypuff, Chansey, Vulpix, Smeargle
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They should make a Leaf Green remake