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The "I'm Going Away Forever"/"Never Mind, I'm Back" Thread

Started by Member#36, June 12, 2010, 01:16:40 AM

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I have a project in the works. I will return one day. Hold down the fort in the meantime Naesala.



Hi there, I haven't been here for a while.  No, I'm still not coming back, since I would just abandon the NIWA again (and we all don't want that...(well, maybe some people.)  I'm just here to see how things are going, since I've always been rooting for you guys to be successful even after I left.  I'm sad to see that during my visit to WiKirby, I see that it's partially broken.  Even so, Veli seems to be running it well.  I secretly visited all the the NIWA wikis, including Zeldawiki where I secretly made a few edits a while ago since I couldn't remember my login details.  I would be making this post under my original account, but I can't do anything with it, even edit my profile.  But, it was a nice visit after two years or so.  I will continue rooting for you from the sidelines. 



I suppose I'll be back for a while, I miss this place.


NIWA Coordinator



Hello. I identify as female. She/her pronouns please. :)

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I spend a lot of my time making videos about Pokémon glitches on my Youtube channel ChickasaurusGL.

I'm the editor in chief of Starfy Wiki. Let me know or Tappy know of any bugs or other concerns. :)

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Crocodile Dippy

I'm here again because this guy has taken a renewed interest in the place and I wuv him

Rocky VI

I am back from around 4 and a half years ago under a new username (old email is inactive).

My posts are cringeworthy.
If Jesus could turn water into pizza maybe I would be impressed.


Welcome back. Do you care to share your old username out of curiousity?

Rocky VI

If Jesus could turn water into pizza maybe I would be impressed.


Oh wow. Just took a look at the stats page and you have the fifth most posts in forum history! I'm 29 posts away from passing you up :P