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A Collection of My Drawings

Started by Volke, February 18, 2010, 02:18:14 AM

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Dark Matter
Meta Knight
Stooben Rooben (Birthday Gift)
Kieran (Fire Emblem)
The Black Knight (Fire Emblem)
I've listed them in order from the date I drew them, hence the increase in quality as the list goes down. They're all hand-drawn using pencil. These aren't exactly my best pieces of artwork, since they range from 4 months to a year or so in age. I'm sure there are tons of obvious innacuracies, such as The Black Knight missing the right side of his cape or Meta Knight's eyes being.... oddly shaded. I plan on uploading updated versions of these someday; just as soon as I have the scanner all to myself.

Comments? Questions? Criticism?


Wow, amazing!!! I loved them ;D Stooby's one was great :D My favorite perhaps was Meta Knight or the Dark Knght   :police: