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DigiNin (also known as DigiPen Computer Graphics) is a nickname for the 1990s collaboration between Nintendo and the United States Redmond, Washington university DigiPen Institute of Technology. Since Nintendo Software Technology was also founded in Redmond, Washington; it is possible the company spun off from DigiNin.[1][2]

Nintendo provided hardware and development tools, guidance and technical expertise to the university, and students created at least 30 small non-commercial games, including "Dungeon Madness," "Star Fighter" and "Fate of the Heroes." These games remained at DigiPen and in the student's portfolios and were not released elsewhere.[3]


Unknown platform

  • Dungeon Madness
  • Star Fighter
  • Fate of the Heroes
  • Metal Zero[4]


  • Disposable Heroes

In addition, it is possible DigiNin were involved in the Nintendo Gateway System (LodgeNet) games Noughts & Crosses (Tic Tac Toe) and Hangman because of the involvement of staff (Claude Comair, Raymond Yan, Mark Trono), later known for their work on various Nintendo Software Technology projects.

Nintendo 64

  • Human-Motion

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Other student project events:


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