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Doshin the Giant

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Doshin the Giant
Kyojin no Doshin 1
Doshin the Giant 64DD box.jpg
Nintendo 64DD version box.
Developer(s): Param
Publisher(s): 64DD: RandnetDD
GCN: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64DD
Category: Simulation
Players: 1
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
Release dates
Japan: December 11, 1999

Doshin the Giant is a simulation game developed by Param and released as a launch title for the Nintendo 64DD in December 1999. The game would later see an update re-release on the Nintendo GameCube in 2002, which was also released in Europe. While there were talks between Param and Nintendo of America to release the Nintendo 64DD version in North America, there was no such release.[1]

An expansion and spin-off title was later released for Nintendo 64DD, titled Kyojin no Doshin Kaihou Sensen Chibikkochikko Dai Shuugou.


Doshin the Giant is set on an island in the middle of the ocean named Barudo. The game opens with a narrator explaining that the islanders have told a legend for generations: that one day, a giant will appear out of the ocean at sunrise. On one morning, Doshin appears out of the water and heads to the island.


The player plays as a benevolent Doshin the Love Giant, who can at the user's input, suddenly transform into Jashin the Hate Giant. The aim of the game is to look after and create monuments for islanders, giving hearts to Doshin that increase his size and making the islanders happy. Alternatively, the player can do evil, which gives skulls to Jashin also increasing his size, at the cost of the friendship of the islanders.


Game creator Kazutoshi Iida has said that, at the start of his game development career, he set a personal rule that he would create three games; following Aquanaut's Holiday and Tail of the Sun, Doshin the Giant was the final game.[2] The game was developed for Nintendo 64DD as Iida thought the game would require a higher amount of storage space and rewriteable memory than was allowed by the standard Game Paks of the time.[3]

Technical details

Technical details
Media: Nintendo 64DD magnetic disk
Nintendo GameCube Game Disc
Save data size: 40 blocks
Input / compatible controllers: Nintendo 64 Controller
Nintendo GameCube Controller

Other releases

Title Cover art Platform Release date(s) Notes
Doshin the Giant Nintendo GameCube JP: March 14, 2002
EU: September 20, 2002
An updated re-release of the game, featuring some gameplay changes and extra content.

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