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Dragon Warrior

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Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior box.jpg
Developer(s): Enix, Chunsoft
Publisher(s): JP: Enix
NA: Nintendo
Square Enix (Europe)
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Switch
Successor: Dragon Warrior II
Release dates
N. America: August 1989
Japan: May 27, 1986
Europe: September 27, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)
©1986, 1989 Enix Licensed to Nintendo TM trademark to Nintendo

Dragon Warrior is a game for Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the first game in the Dragon Quest series, and this entry was referred to as simply Dragon Quest in Japan (North America changed the name to avoid legal trouble with another registered trademark). The game was re-released for the Nintendo Switch Nintendo eShop, including for Europe.


Dragon Warrior is a Japanese style RPG, in which the protagonist is aimed at defeating a villain known as the Dragonlord. The player attacks in turn-based combat using a weapon (otherwise fists if no weapon is equipped), or a spell, and encounters randomly occur while travelling on the map.

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