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F-Zero 99

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F-Zero 99
F-Zero 99 key art.jpg
Developer(s): Nintendo Software Technology
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Category: Racing, battle royale
Players: Multiplayer
Predecessor: F-Zero: Climax
Release dates
Worldwide: September 14, 2023
© Nintendo

F-Zero 99 is a digital-only, battle royale game in the F-Zero series for Nintendo Switch. It is the first game in the F-Zero series since 2004's F-Zero Climax.


Players choose a vehicle and race as an F-Zero racer against 98 other racers. Racers can knock out others by eliminating them or the depletion of their Power Meter. It is based on the SNES version of F-Zero, however there are a few differences; namely:

  • There is a wide starting space until the race diverges into an actual starting track.
  • There is a boost mechanic similar to F-Zero X and F-Zero GX.
  • The Spin Attack can be used to damage other players and boosters. If a grey booster is destroyed, it extends the Power Meter. Destroying another vehicle also extends and refills it.
  • Super Sparks can be collected and used to enter the Skyway; a short track above the main track in which the racer can pass other racers from underneath. The Skyway also features higher speeds, no collision penalties and can be used as a shortcut.



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The latest version is Ver. 1.2.1: It fixes an issue which caused players to occasionally fall off the track after leaving the Skyway on a secret track from the F-Zero 99 mode, based on Mute City I.

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