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Fuufuu Kirarin

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Fuufuu Kirarin ☆
Fuufuu Kirarin.png
Developer(s): Nintendo Game Seminar 2008 (Team A)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release dates
Japan: March 12, 2009-May 25, 2009
©2009 Nintendo

Fuufuu Kirarin ☆ is one of the games produced by students at Nintendo Game Seminar 2008. It was later released via DS Download Play at DS Download Stations in Japan.


The player indirectly controls a group of sentient stars, who can be blown around using the Nintendo DS microphone to attack enemies such as clouds. The stars assemble in groups, similar to Kirby Mass Attack. There are four stages, with a boss battle at the end of each stage.


  • Voice Actors: Marina Ayano, Daiji Imai, Yuka Kawasumi, Akira Mizukami
  • Program: Takafumi Ogihara, Ginga Kamei, Akira Mizukami
  • Graphics: Marina Ayano, Yuka Kawasumi, Megumi Matsumoto
  • Sound: Miwako Chinone
  • Sub-Director: Akira Mizukami
  • Director: Yuka Kawasumi


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