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Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue

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Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue
とっとこハム太郎4 にじいろ大行進でちゅ
Hamtaro Rainbow Rescue box.png
Developer(s): AlphaDream, Graphic Research
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Category: Communication, puzzles
Players: (Unknown)
Predecessor: Hamtaro Card-e
Successor: Non-Nintendo: Tottoko Hamtarou: Tottoko Tanoshiku Aiueo: Maboroshi no Hikaru Tane o Mitsukeru no Dah! Nintendo: Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games
Release dates
N. America: Cancelled?[1]
Japan: May 23, 2003
Europe: October 29, 2004
Australia: (Unknown)
S. Korea: (Unknown)
China: (Unknown)
©2003, 2004 Nintendo, R. Kawai 2000, Shogakukan, SMDE, TV Tokyo

Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue is a licensed Hamtaro game for Game Boy Advance, developed by AlphaDream and published by Nintendo.


The story is based on a rainbow riding flying hamster who has fallen down from the sky into the Ham-Ham's world. The player is tasked with helping him return to the sky.

As Hamtaro and others, the player converses with other Hams to learn words and solve puzzles. Certain words can only be used in specific situations to trigger the right events. Items may also be found during the game, and the player can play minigames.[2]


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