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Template:Archive The Editor-in-Chief is a position on the wiki with much responsibility. They are an elected representative and authoritative leader of the wiki who helps settle disputes without interrupting the natural process of gathering consensus, but also intervenes whenever editors become disruptive and malicious.

The Editor-in-Chief's responsibilities include:

  • Helping lead the staff to encourage good edits, welcome new members, set up projects or collaborations, or anything else beneficial to the wiki.
  • Helping the staff contact other websites for affiliation.
  • Delegating their responsibilities to any staff member, or in some cases, any user, whom they feel can perform the job well.
  • Recommending users to be promoted to admins, and have users promoted to Patroller who could be candidates for future staff.
  • Serve as a representative for the community to NIWA, affiliates, and more

A user may remain as Editor-in-Chief for as long as they choose, or as long as they have staff support. At the time of his or her departure, they may run an election to see whom will be elected the next Editor-in-Chief. They may nominate one person, and the Editor-in-Chief's vote counts as one vote. However, the Editor-in-Chief cannot close the election until at least one week has passed and a simple majority has been reached, even if the Editor-in-Chief's selected candidate is not elected.

If the incumbent Editor-in-Chief has no nominations, they may simply oversee the election process.

If the incumbent Editor-in-Chief becomes unavailable for an extended period of time, responsibility falls to the wiki owner to hold a new election, or appoint a temporary Editor-in-Chief to fulfill the position until one can be formally elected.

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

The current Editor-in-Chief can appoint an assistant Editor-in-Chief (AEiC), who can take over in their absence while they are away for long periods of time, give advice on policy, help make decisions, etc.

In the event of the EiC losing confidence of the community or in case of extended absence, the EiC may be removed from their position and have the AEiC automatically take over.

The staff of the wiki can vote to remove the EiC (and AEiC, if needed) from the position. If anyone interferes with the removal process, the owner can remove them as well.

The assistant Editor-in-Chief then becomes the acting Editor-in-Chief, which holds the position until the next one is elected.

Election timeline

Elections are held on an annual basis, with the term of one ending with the beginning of another.

While the election is going on, the user running the election is called the "organizer".

  • They decide when the election starts and ends.
  • They should remain neutral for the proceedings.
    • If they become a candidate themselves, another user should take over for them if the current one decides not to decline.

Nomination Period

  • 3 days (72 hours)
  • Users can nominate themselves and others.
  • Another user performing a "second" for them to be considered certified. If a user isn't certified, they won't be carried until the voting period, but this is at the organizer's discretion.
  • A user may remove themselves from nomination by striking out their name.

Voting Period

  • 1 week (168 hours)
  • Ideally, each vote should come with reasons for or against the candidate, but if they have a personal reason to not reveal it, the organizer can let them. The organizer can, if needed, disqualify a vote if the reason is personal, invalid, irrelevant, etc.
  • The winner is user with the most votes and strongest reasoning.
  • In the event of a tie, the organizer is the deciding vote, voting in favor of the user with the strongest reasonings collected by the users who supported them.

Nominating and voting

All nominations and voting should go in a subpage of this page, with the title of the subpage being of the form "NintendoWiki:Editor-in-Chief/Election_#" where the number is the cardinal number of elections that has happened before, plus one. Generally, the voting page will be set up and moderated by the outgoing Editor-in-Chief and other bureaucrats. Copy the following code into the voting page, replacing the <number> and <username> variables as appropriate:

This page is for electing the NintendoWiki's <number> [[NintendoWiki:Editor-in-Chief|Editor-in-Chief]]. Please vote on and discuss this election below.

== Nomination period ==
''Nominate people by placing there user-name here. If you wish to second a nomination, place  "#* seconded" under the nomination of the same person. Please sign it when done.''

If you are posted, but wish to remove yourself from the list, please use <del>StrikeThrough</del>, rather than remove your name. If a certified nomination isn't crossed out, it'll be assumed that the user has approved being nominated.  

== Voting period ==
* Add your vote by using the code # ~~~~.
* If you wish to nominate another user, create appropriate new subsections under the "Nominees" section.
* ''Voting began at ~~~~~.''

<!-- Start: 1 for each nominee -->
=== <username> ===
==== Statement ====
==== Support ====
# ~~~~

==== Oppose ====
==== Comments ====
<!-- Stop: 1 for each nominee -->
== Results ==

[[Category:Requests for permissions|{{PAGENAME}}]]

Add links to the voting page here under "Current Election", at NintendoWiki:Requests for permissions under "Editor-in-Chief", and in an announcement on the main page's News template.

After a reasonable amount of time has passed (not less than one week), the vote may be closed by the outgoing Editor-in-Chief, or the bureaucrat they have chosen to place in charge of overseeing the election. The winner will be the user with a simple majority of votes. The voting page should be fully protected. The links on NintendoWiki:Requests for permissions and the News template should be removed, and the link here under "Current Election" moved to "Past Elections". The winning user should then be promoted to Bureaucrat, if they are not already one.

Current Election

Past Elections


Voting to make this effective will open at 00:00 UTC on the 10th of May, 2021 and will conclude 2 weeks later.

It will become effective, if and only if, 3/4s of the voting is in support of it.

If there is disputes, concerns, etc. at the end of the period, then voting can be extended until the amount has been reached.


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  • Between feedback on Discord, this wiki and other places, it passes. Tacopill (Talk) 00:49, 25 May 2021 (UTC)