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Nintendo DS Headset

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Nintendo DS Headset
DS Headset.jpg
Release year

JP: 2006
NA: 2007
AUS: 2007

Manufactured by


For use with

Nintendo DS

Model no.


The Nintendo DS Headset is an external headset microphone accessory for the Nintendo DS, released in Japan in 2006 and North America in 2007, alongside the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions. The device is used to facilitate Nintendo DS microphone features, primarily voice chat between players, in compatible software.

Features and functionality[edit]

The Nintendo DS Headset connects to the system using both the 3.5mm headphone port and the proprietary microphone port next to it. The device is designed to fit over either of the user's ears, monaural audio coming through the speaker on the underside. When plugged in, the headset takes over all functionality of the system's built-in microphone, allowing it to not only be used for voice chat but also any other microphone-based functionality in games.

As the Nintendo 3DS does not feature a microphone port, the Nintendo DS Headset is not compatible with that system.