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Nintendo DSi

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The Nintendo DSi (ニンテンドーDSi, Nintendō Dīesuai) belongs to the third generation of the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system.[1][2] Its unveiling took place during the Nintendo conference on October 2, 2008, in Tokyo, Japan. Despite being part of the DS series of handhelds, it is noted in the United States that the DSi should be considered as a standalone console, alongside the Nintendo DS Lite and the Wii.

The DSi is characterized by a slightly larger but thinner design compared to its predecessors. It is presumed that the reduction in size was due to the elimination of the expansion slot, resulting in the lower part of the DSi being approximately 12 mm. This change means that it is no longer backward compatible with Game Boy Advance games and is also incompatible with accessories utilizing the slot.