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Nonono Puzzle Chalien

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Nonono Puzzle Chalien
Cover artwork of Nonono Puzzle Chalien
Developer(s): Creatures
Publisher(s): Nintendo, Creatures
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Category: Puzzle
Players: Multiplayer
Predecessor: Chee-Chai Alien
Successor: Spin Six
Release dates
Japan: June 16, 2005
CERO: All ages

Nonono Puzzle Chalien (Japanese: のののパズルちゃいリアン, Nonono Puzzle Chairian) is a puzzle game developed by Creatures. Though not a direct sequel, this puzzle game uses some of the Chaliens (a species of alien), from Chee-Chai Alien for the Game Boy Color. There are three different minigames in Nonono Puzzle Chalien, including Kurukuru Range (Japanese: くるくるレンジ), Kurukuru Walk (Japanese: くるくるウォーク), and Kurupachi 6 (Japanese: くるパチ6).

Kurukuru Range

Kurukuru Range is set in a microwave. Using a four-by-four grid, the player must press the A button to rotate cooking ingredients clockwise, or the A button to rotate them counter-clockwise into holes. When the player rotates all cooking ingredients into a hole the round is complete after the microwave pings off. The player can lower the time limit with the R button.

Kurukuru Walk

Kurukuru Walk is a minigame starring the Chalien "Walker" (Japanese: ウォーカ). Controlling a four-by-four grid, the player must rotate tiles for Walker to walk on. Holding the R button causes the Chalien Debū (Japanese: デブー) to blow a whistle and cause Walker to run. This is needed to cross fragile tiles. If Walker falls from a panel it causes him to lose a life. Also, if the player rotates Walker he will become dizzy and the panel he is standing on will fall.

There are two modes, 'Endless' (Japanese: エンドレス) and 'Merekuri' (Japanese: めれくり). In Endless mode, the player can choose either Easy, Medium or Hard mode and have to aim to travel the most panels. In Merekuri mode, the player must clear four maps, 'home' (Japanese: いえ), 'mall' (Japanese: しょうてんがい), 'school' (Japanese: がっこう) and 'park' (Japanese: こうえん), and aim for the fastest time. If the player finishes a map within a certain time, they can receive a medal. There is also a hidden space map in merekuri mode.

Kurupachi 6

Kurupachi 6 is a minigame in which the player must control a four-by-four grid to make a row or column of panels that matches the number indicated on the panel. This causes the panels to change to the number +1 the number of panels aligned, for example, three '3' panels will change to '4' panels. If the player aligns six '6' panels it will cause them to disappear and possibly cause a chain.

There are four modes, Puzzle (Japanese: パズル), Score Attack (Japanese: スコアアタック), Chain Challenge (Japanese: チャインチャレンジ), and Battle (Japanese: たいせん).

In Puzzle mode, the player can choose to play either 99 'One Spin Puzzles' or 99 'Chain Puzzles'. Both star the Chalien '107'. To clear a One Spin Puzzle, the player must eliminate all panels in one turn. To clear a Chain Puzzle, the player has to rotate multiple panels while the numbers on the panels are still changing in order to create a chain that eliminates all panels.

In Score Attack mode, the player must aim for the highest score from causing the numbers on panels to change and creating six '6' panels, thus causing them to disappear. The player can choose either 'Easy', 'Medium' or 'Hard' mode. As the player advances, they will progress through levels. Sometimes a slot machine will appear where the player can achieve a bonus. The game ends after a time limit.

In Chain Challenge mode, there are three difficulties, 'Normal', 'Hard' and 'Super Hard'. The player must aim to create the most panel chains. If the player fails to create another chain, the game will end.

In Battle mode, the player must compete against another player. There are three modes, "VS COM", where the player battles Chaliens chosen by the player and controlled by the computer on either 'Normal', 'Hard' or 'Super Hard' mode, "Friend", a multiplayer mode where the player battles against another player and '1 Cartridge' mode.


On April 1, 2009, Kurupachi 6 was re-released on DSiWare in the form of the game Spin Six (Japanese: くるくるアクション くるパチ6, Kurukuru Action: Kurupachi 6), which Zener Works played some role in developing, however, the "Battle" mode (Japanese: たいせん) is not included in Spin Six.

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