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Panasonic Q

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Panasonic Q
パナソニックQ Panasonikku Q
Panasonic q logo.png
Panasonic q console.jpg
No. of games 661
No. of launch titles JP: 3
NA: 12
PAL: 20
Best-selling game Super Smash Bros. Melee (7.09 million)
Last game Madden NFL 08 (August 14, 2007)
Technical details
Media Nintendo GameCube Game Disc
Storage capacity Nintendo GameCube Memory Card (16 MB max. capacity)
CPU IBM PowerPC "Gekko", 486 MHz
Model no. SL-GC10
Can connect with Game Boy Advance
Input Nintendo GameCube Controller, WaveBird Wireless Controller, DK Bongos, Nintendo GameCube Action Pad, Game Boy Advance
Backwards compatible with N/A
Services provided Online connectivity
Launch date JP - December 13, 2001
Discontinue date December 18, 2003
Units sold JP - Less than 100,000
Predecessor Successor
Nintendo 64 Wii

The Panasonic Q is a hybrid of the Nintendo GameCube and a DVD player. It was released only in Japan. Since the Nintendo GameCube cannot play DVDs, Panasonic and Nintendo worked to create a new version of the console. It can play GameCube games and DVDs. Since it has two legs on the bottom, it requires its own special Game Boy Player.

On 18th December 2003, the Panasonic Q was discontinued due to poor sales. The reason it was is because it was usually less expensive to buy both a Nintendo GameCube and a DVD player.

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