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Real Escape Game: Defenders of the Triforce

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Real Escape Game: Defenders of the Triforce is a series of real world escape room activities organised by Nintendo in association with SCRAP for the United States and Europe, based on the The Legend of Zelda franchise. It involves a range of dungeon solving activities, originally announced for the year 2017.


It has already been organised in eight different states, which are as such[1]:

  • San Francisco — January 31, 2017
  • Los Angeles — Ferbuary 10, 2017
  • San Diego — Feb. 23, 2017
  • Seattle — March 17, 2017
  • Phoenix — February 15, 2017
  • Houston — April 6, 2017
  • Chicago — April 14, 2017
  • New York — May 4, 2017

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