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Story of Seasons

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Story of Seasons
牧場物語 つながる新天地
Story of Seasons box.png
Developer(s): Marvelous AQL
Publisher(s): Marvelous (Japan)
Xseed Games (North America)
Nintendo/Rising Star Games (Europe)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Category: Life simulation
Players: (Unknown)
Predecessor: Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning
Nintendo: (Unknown), Harvest Moon GB (Germany)
Successor: Hometown Story Pocket,
Nintendo: Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
Release dates
N. America: March 31, 2015
Japan: February 27, 2014
Europe: December 24, 2015
Australia: January 9, 2016
©2015 Marvelous

Story of Seasons is a Nintendo 3DS game developed by Marvelous and formally published by Nintendo and Rising Star Games in Europe (however the publisher is still included as Nintendo on a Nintendo eShop publisher search). Elsewhere it was published by Marvelous (Japan) and Xseed Games (North America). It is part of the Harvest Moon series (also known as Story of Seasons series), and is the first game to use the Story of Seasons title out of Japan.


The player manages a farm known as Oak Tree Farm in a small village by planting seeds, looking after animals collecting items and making buildings. The player must make the farm a renowned trade city and unlock all seven vendors.

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