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This file has been uploaded for the purpose of showing {{{use}}}. Its use on this wiki falls under the following license:
File details


This template is for giving the licensing information for files.

In order to use FileSourceCitation, add it to the file page with the following code, using only the necessary parameters:

|use=What the file is being used for to determine the license (see below).
|colorscheme=The color scheme to be used.
|series=If an image relates to a series of games, the series should be named here.
|game=For images pertaining to a specific game, such as package art, in-game screenshots, promotional art, or logos, the game should be named here.
|company=For images depicting company logos, the company should be named here.
|face=For photographs of a person, the person should be named here.
|console=For games and devices that are made for a specific platform, images of a console, or console logos, that platform should be named here.
|original_source=Where the file was originally obtained from. If the source is another website, this should include an external link directly to the page the uploaded image was originally used on.
|edits=If any modifications have been made to the original image, describe them here.

For additional help with images, see here.


The following is a list of applicable licenses for the "use" parameter.

  • Fan Art (fan artwork)
  • Box Art (a video game cover)
  • Company Logo (a company logo)
  • Console Logo (a console logo)
  • Game Art (video game artwork)
  • Game Logo (a video game logo)
  • Soundtrack (soundtrack cover)
  • Patent (a patent)
  • Picture (a photograph)
  • Product (a retail product)
  • User (a user-created image)
  • Render (a 3D render)
  • Screen Shot (a video game screenshot)
  • Series Logo (a franchise logo)
  • Wiki Banner (another wiki's banner)
  • Wiki File (a file created for this wiki)
  • Wiki Logo (another wiki's logo)