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Tetris DS

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Tetris DS
Tetris DS NA box.png
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release dates
N. America: March 20, 2006
Japan: April 27, 2006
Europe: April 21, 2006
Australia: April 21, 2006
S. Korea: July 7, 2007
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©1985-2006 Elorg, The Tetris Company ©2006 Nintendo

Tetris DS is a Nintendo DS game in the Tetris series.


A Tetris game with several modes branded with Nintendo characters.

Standard Mode is based on ordinary Tetris and features different Nintendo characters in the background as the levels progress. In the Marathon sub-mode, the player is tasked with clearing 200 lines, and there are a total of 20 levels, with the ultimate level being based on Tetris (Game Boy).

Push Mode is a two player Tetris game themed with Donkey Kong.

Mission Mode is themed on The Legend of Zelda, and involves a number of Tetris challenges.

Catch Mode is themed on Metroid and involves catching falling tetrominoes and avoiding metroids.

Puzzle Mode is a puzzle game themed on Yoshi's Cookie where the goal is to clear all lines.

Touch Mode is themed on Balloon Fight and has two sub-modes including one where the aim is to maximise points, as well as another puzzle mode to achieve set goals such as combos, and line clears.

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