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Robopon 2 Ring and Cross
ロボットポンコッツ2 リング・クロス
Robopon 2 Ring and Cross boxart.png
Cover artwork of Robopon 2 Ring and Cross
Developer(s): Red Company
Publisher(s): Atlus (North America)
Hudson Soft (Japan)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Category: RPG
Players: 1
Predecessor: Robot Ponkottsu 64
Successor: N/A
Release dates
N. America: June 12, 2002
Japan: September 13, 2001
Europe: N/A
Australia: N/A
S. Korea: N/A

Robopon 2 Ring (Japanese: ロボットポンコッツ2 リング Robot Ponkottsu 2 Ring) and Robopon 2 Cross (Japanese: ロボットポンコッツ2 クロス Robot Ponkottsu 2 Cross) are a pair of games for the Game Boy Advance released on September 13, 2001 in Japan, and on June 12, 2002 in North America.



Taking place after the events of the last games, Cody defeats Dr. Zero in Zero Castle and takes his rank, the "Legend 1". In denial, Dr. Zero sets the castle for self-destruct, but Cody manages to escape. Back in Tail Castle, Prince Tail congratulates Cody on becoming the champion. They are then informed of a tournament being held on the continent Majiko, exclusive to those with the Legend 1 rank. Prince Tail decides to have Cody represent Tail Kingdom in this tournament, and arranges for his trip. As Cody prepares to disembark by boat, his girlfriend Lisa gives him a "Menuscrn" watch so they can keep in contact.

While sailing for Majiko, Cody realizes that he forgot to bring his Robopon. Before he can turn back, however, a storm rolls in and lightning strikes the boat, destroying it. Cody is washed ashore on Baba Village in Majiko, where he is saved by a man whose name is later revealed to be Dr. Zeke. While there, Cody meets a man named Nick D, who is the owner of an orphanage and is desperate for money to save it from closing. Cody also hears rumors of a man named Maskman, who has been terrorizing the region with his Robopon. After obtaining a new Robopon, Cody leaves for Hindo Town where he witnesses its destruction by Maskman and his men.

Cody soon learns that Maskman is entering the tournament, and also learns about the "XStones"; rare gemstones required to challenge Majiko's rank holders. One XStone however is hidden and locked away in the past. While investigating, Cody encounters Professor Don and his assistant Sam, a pair he met while adventuring in Porombo Island. Don and Sam have dedicated to building time machines, and decide to have Cody test run their's. Cody is forcefully sent twenty years into the past, and becomes stuck as a result of the machine breaking down. There Cody manages to find and retrieve the missing XStone, and is eventually returned to the present by Dr. Disc, Lisa's father. Having returned, Cody learns he had missed the entire tournament and Maskman was victorious. As Maskman brags about his new rank, he is surprised to find that Cody found the XStone. Having little choice, Maskman is forced to accept Cody's challenge. He is defeated and loses his rank to Cody.

Shortly after his victory, Cody is suddenly approached by Dr. Zeke and his brother, Dr. Zero. Zeke reveals that he had saved Zero moments before his castle was destroyed. Zero vows to take his revenge on Cody by unleashing his three androids, designed to hunt and kill Cody should they catch him. The doctors then depart.

Around the continent, Cody finds and challenges the remaining rank holders as he gradually moves up the ranks. He is continuously sent twenty years into the past by Professor Don's and Sam's time machines, where he foils the nefarious plans of the rank holders and finds their hidden XStones. Along the way, Cody also encounters Zero's androids who challenge him to a Robopon battle to decide their fate, and are destroyed when they lose. He is also repeatedly sought after by Nick D, who had learned that Cody has been collecting the XStones and challenges him for them, as the XStones could be sold for enough money to save the orphanage.

After Cody takes the "Master" rank, he returns to Baba Village only to see that disaster has occurred. A dying Dr. Disc tells him that the brothers Dr. Zero and Zeke have built the battleship Death Gaia and are now using it to destroy Majiko. Cody travels back into the past, and meets Zero Sr, the father of the Zero brothers, and boards his ship. After destroying the vessel, Cody uses the resurrected ship in the present to board the Death Gaia. There he defeats Dr. Zeke, and returns to the past to face Dr. Zero. The two fight for the rank of "Legend 0" at a Robopon graveyard. After Dr. Zero loses, Zero Sr. challenges Cody in the real final battle, but is also defeated. Although defeated, Zero's legacy is vowed to not end and will return. Cody then celebrates his victory with all his friends and acquaintances.


As with the previous versions, Robopon 2 has the player collect and train Robopon to fight against other Robopon in battles, making it very similar to the Pokémon series. Players keep a party of up to four Robopon, which now all participate in battle as a group, making it slightly more reminiscent of traditional RPG battles. Robopon again gain experience points and levels from winning battles, and can also be equipped with Parts to improve their stats and Software to teach them new skills. Software no longer requires RAM, allowing Robopon to equip any combination of Software, up to three. Some Robopon can also naturally learn new skills by leveling up. Robopon are categorized into three main types: Arm, Move and Boot, with several sub-classes in each type. These types determine a Robopon's stats, battle performance, and what Parts and Software may be equipped.

Unlike the previous games in which Robopon could be caught or purchased, Robopon are instead obtained by "sparking" Batteries. This requires that the player have at least two Batteries, which are then combined and "sparked" to create a Robopon, determined by the combination used. Multiple different kinds of Batteries can be found to create new and unique Robopon, however incompatible Battery combinations will often result in "dud" Robopon as fillers; either Bulbot in Ring version or Gear in Cross version. Some Robopon can also be received as gifts by completing various tasks.

Certain types of Robopon can also be evolved, in a process known as "Enhancing". After reaching a certain level, a Robopon can be taken to a Lab to be Enhanced. Enhancing Robopon changes their form and enables them to grow stronger and learn new skills, however, it also cuts their level down in half to limit their power.

Other new factors include a spinning reel that is spun while targeting a Robopon in battle, which can affect the outcome of the next attack depending on where the reel lands, such as increasing attack power or money earned at the end of the battle. Robopon also have different Oil types, which determine the kinds of Robopon they love or hate. This affects the target selection of certain skills, potentially allowing a Robopon to target multiple allies or opponents and providing another battle strategy.

Robopon 2 also includes several mini-games that Robopon can participate in, although used much less extensively than in the original paired games. These mini-games can either be played inside the Hofftower or by linking with another game. These mini-games no longer reward in items, but can keep a player's score.

There are 185 different Robopon available, some of which are exclusive to one version. Several Robopon from the previous games return, although some were renamed. A few Robopon are only available by "link sparking", in which two players combine Batteries in a linked game.

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