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Wario Land 3

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Wario Land 3
ワリオランド3 不思議なオルゴール
Wario Land 3: The Mysterious Music Box
American box art
Developer(s): Nintendo Research & Development 1
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Color
Category: Platformer
Players: 1
Predecessor: Wario Land II
Successor: Wario Land 4
Release dates
N. America: May 30, 2000
Japan: March 21, 2000
Europe: April 14, 2000
USK: 0
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European box

Wario Land 3 is a Game Boy Color game in the Wario series. Although a sequel to Wario Land II, it has no direct connection to the latter, but shares its graphics style and many gameplay mechanics, notably Wario's immortality.


"Wario™ is back and better than ever!

Trapped inside a magical music box, the invincible Wario is on a dangerous quest to help a mysterious figure recover its lost powers! Smash, bash and crash your way through more than two dozen gigantic levels in search of hidden keys, valuable treasures and mystical music boxes. Test your wits on puzzle after intricate puzzle and flex your muscles in action-packed boss fights! Be weary of Wanderin' Gooms, Hammer-bots, Mad Scienstein and more as you plunge into one of the largest, most dazzling adventures ever to hit Game Boy Color!"


Following a crash-landing in a forest, Wario stumbles upon the entrance to a cave; inside, he locates a mysterious music box that contains a miniature world. When he peers into it, however, he is sucked into the music box and passes out. Upon recovering, he finds himself inside a dark temple, where he encounters a hidden figure, claiming to be the tutelary god of the music box world who has had his powers taken away by a "wicked being". Immediately, he sends Wario on a quest to recover the five music boxes needed to restore his powers, promising to return the antihero to his own world if he succeeds and letting him keep all the treasure he may happen upon.[1]


In Wario Land 3, the player assumes the role of Wario, who must traverse various levels — accessible from a world map — and locate four differently coloured treasure chests and the keys with which to open them in each, some of which are guarded by bosses. While retaining his basic movement capabilities and immortality (touching an enemy knocks Wario backwards and/or stuns or transforms him) from the previous game, Wario's repertoire of special skills is much more limited in the beginning; more skills — such as throwing enemies or smashing the ground — can be obtained by locating specific treasure items. Other treasure causes the world map to change, opening up new levels. Levels and their inhabitants are affected by a day/night cycle that progresses whenever a treasure is obtained, requiring Wario to enter some of them at a specific in-game time of day in order to reach a location that would otherwise be inaccessible.

In some locations, Wario may stumble upon doors leading to a golf-like mini-game, which can be played by paying coins and must be completed in order to proceed in certain levels. Once Wario has recovered the five magical music boxes, which are stowed away in specific treasure chests, he may battle a final boss and complete the game; the player may, however, keep playing if she or he has not yet retrieved all the treasure and wishes to achieve 100% completion. Progress is saved automatically after every chest that is opened, but only one save file exists; starting a new game requires the player to delete his or her current save.

Some enemies that Wario encounters on his journey possess the power to transform him in a certain manner — a Mad Scienstein's potions may turn him invisible, for example, while being bitten by a Zombie changes him into Zombie Wario. Such transformations may either be a hindrance or, if the situation calls for them, be required to reach specific areas. They may either end after a set amount of time has passed or after a certain place or condition has been reached — stepping into bright light, for instance, causes Zombie or Vampire Wario to revert to his normal self. Falling into water likewise ends most transformations instantly.


  1. Intro sequence of Wario Land 3

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