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List of Nintendo system fonts

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Nintendo's system fonts are:

Rodin NTLG[edit]

Rodin NTLG is Rodin with New Type Labo Gothic kana. The typeface is from Fontworks. It is the system font on Nintendo GameCube, Wii, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The typeface is also used in some games published by Nintendo.

Nintendo DS system font[edit]

Nintendo DS system font is a bitmap font. It is the system font on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite.

UD Shin Go[edit]

UD Shin Go is a Universal Design sans serif typeface from Morisawa. Its Latin characters and numerals come from ClearTone SG (a humanist sans serif typeface also from Morisawa) with slight modifications, mainly in the letter J (J sits on the baseline in UD Shin Go, while in ClearTone SG, J descends below the baseline). UD Shin Go with a single story g (from latin small letter script g) is the system font on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.