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Nintendo Switch Lite

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Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite Nintendō Suitchi Raito
Nintendo Switch Lite logo.png
Nintendo Switch Lite.png
The Nintendo Switch Lite.
No. of games
No. of launch titles
Best-selling game
Last game N/A
Technical Details
Media Nintendo Switch Game Card, digital download
Storage capacity
CPU {{{cpu}}}
Model no.
Compatibility & Connectivity
Can connect with N/A
Input Nintendo Switch Lite, Joy-Con (wireless)
Backwards compatible with Nintendo Switch
Services provided Nintendo eShop, Nintendo Account, Nintendo Switch Online
Launch date WW: September 20, 2019
Discontinue date N/A
Units sold
Predecessor Successor
Nintendo Switch N/A

The Nintendo Switch Lite is an upcoming dedicated handheld console by Nintendo, and is the second iteration of the Nintendo Switch family. It is not a direct successor, but is rather a dedicated handheld variant of the Nintendo Switch with smaller proportions. The console natively supports any Nintendo Switch game title that can be played in handheld mode, as the console cannot be docked to the television like the original Nintendo Switch.

Due to the hardware nature, Nintendo Switch Lite's Joy-Con-like controls are permanently attached to the console, and it includes a signature D-pad rather than directional buttons. The HD Rumble and IR Motion Camera features are not included in the Nintendo Switch Lite, and thus it is not fully compatible with titles such as the Nintendo Labo series and 1-2-Switch. Joy-Con controllers are required in order to play those titles, and any Nintendo Switch game title that lacks handheld mode support. Whilst Joy-Con cannot be physically attached to the console, it still supports the use of Joy-Con controllers in wireless connectivity. The console still includes gyroscopic sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC communication compatibility.

Other improvements include a lighter weight and slightly improved battery life over the 2017 launch Nintendo Switch. (A 2019 revision of the original Nintendo Switch includes improved internal hardware that extends battery life even better than the Nintendo Switch Lite.) The height/length (but not depth) of the Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller than the original console, and features a smaller touch screen. The console will come in a variety of colors such yellow, grey, and turquoise.

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