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DS Download Station

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A DS Download Station

DS Download Stations were machines at special stores/places for Nintendo DS systems to download content with the DS Download Play feature. The equivalent to the DS Download Stations in Japan are the DS Station (Japanese: DSステーション). The successor to the DS Station is the 3DS Station.

General information

DS Download Stations provide information about the console and new/available titles on a monitor. They may also have a Nintendo DS attached to them to play demos of software or small promotional games, or the software can be downloaded with DS Download Play. Examples of some non-demo games available with the stations are Table Hockey Tech Demo, PokéPark: Tsuri Taikai DS, Nintendo Game Seminar games. See List of DS Download Play software for more information.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi station would also allow players to use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection from the location that hosted that station.

Location list

  • E3
  • Pokémon Center stores
  • Toys R Us stores
  • Some AEON Group JUSCO stores
  • Ito-Yokado stores
  • Kamishin Denki stores (Joshin Kids Land)
  • BicCamera stores
  • Sofmap stores
  • Yodobashi Camera stores
  • Yamada Denki stores
  • Some Eiden stores