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{{Game infobox |title=Diddy Kong Pilot |jptitle= |jptrans= |boxart=Diddy Kong Pilot.png |caption= |publisher= |developer=Rare |console= |category= |players= |predecessor= |successor= |no_pricing= |releasena= |releasejp= |releaseeu= |releaseau= |releasekr= |releasezh= |no_ratings= |niwa= |colorscheme=Donkey Kong}}
{{Game infobox |title=Diddy Kong Pilot |jptitle= |jptrans= |boxart=Diddy Kong Pilot.png |caption= |publisher= |developer=Rare |console= |category= |players= |predecessor=[[Diddy Kong Racing]] |successor=Banjo-Pilot |no_pricing= |releasena= |releasejp= |releaseeu= |releaseau= |releasekr= |releasezh= |no_ratings= |niwa= |colorscheme=Donkey Kong}}
'''Diddy Kong Pilot''' is a cancelled game for [[Game Boy Advance]].
'''Diddy Kong Pilot''' is a cancelled game for [[Game Boy Advance]].

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Diddy Kong Pilot
Diddy Kong Pilot.png
Developer(s): Rare
Predecessor: Diddy Kong Racing
Successor: Banjo-Pilot
Copyrights: N/A
Release dates
[[|]] has more information on this game:
{{|Diddy Kong Pilot|Read it now!}}

Diddy Kong Pilot is a cancelled game for Game Boy Advance.


Diddy Kong Pilot was planned as a Donkey Kong series racing game by Rare and as the successor to Diddy Kong Racing. The game was cancelled and became the non-Nintendo title Banjo-Pilot instead, which was published by THQ.

Both the ROM images of 2001 and 2003 prototypes of Diddy Kong Pilot were leaked on the Internet. The two prototypes had significantly different changes to their engine and gameplay. Refer to the Super Mario Wiki articles below for more information.

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