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Topics - RAP

Hey, every forum needs one of these bad boys! So what not start with this? I have loads of links up in my arsenal, but it might be too much for you guys to handle - plus I don't have much time in my hands to drop in a megaton as I hoped...and here we go:

  • Flip Text: Ever thought of writing your text in a different way? ยก??d s? ?s?? s? ?x?? ??? d??? 's??? ???? op u?? no? ?ou - Limitations are apparent, such as the numbers however.
  • Tonematrix: Tweak around a grid of pixels a bit and you can make some 2 second pieces of tunes. I seen these types of tools on iPhones and gadgets, but never tried it. Pretty fun if you ask me.
  • 72 Hours: Are you prepared?: This is serious stuff. This website gives you instructions on preparing for the worst disastrous events you'll face during your lifetime. Think of Japan, Haiti, and the recent disasters in the US - particularly the east coast. This thing might save your life one day.
  • Plagiarism Today: Feeling like specializing in legal stuff is your best trademark? Or need help dealing...with this thing? This provides some insight thought on the concept of plagiarism, and related topics to this.
  • TheJendra: A series of very helpful articles from a guy named "Tenjendra" who faces a ton of cooperate business back then. He's written a diversity of books, and has generously hosted several free articles for users to read and learn.

Anyone else give a shot? Come on...it's not going to fill itself with more links unless you guys do it.
NIWA Discussion / The Nintendo Wiki
December 12, 2010, 09:29:31 PM
Hello readers - I'm RAP, the creator of Nintendo Wiki (usually called "N Wiki"). I originate from the Super Mario Wiki as a former Sysop when NIWA was first being developed. The Nintendo Wiki covers anything Nintendo-related - primarily covering anything the company has done, along with its employees, their thoughts, and actions. Its more than just the games they produced at first glance.

The idea came up to me earlier this year when I was off the computer, having other things to do during the day. It was during the time NIWA was formed. I've been thinking of the three wikis since they formed an alliance, and seeing that there are series-less articles about Nintendo consoles, along with the people who work for Nintendo such as Shigeru Miyamoto, I thought - 'Why not put it into good use and have a wiki based on anything Nintendo-related'? Another primary purpose is that the wiki would let the rest of the world know the complete info about Nintendo instead of relying on Wikipedia for the info. People who play some of the most popular franchises should know a decent amount of info about the company. Think about it, casual people think Nintendo as a friendly company who makes "kiddie games" - but more willing readers, and the people who know Nintendo very well will know the true side of Nintendo between back then, and now.

With the idea gathering positive reception by the general staff conscious, I started gathering Nintendo links/hyperlinks, and started learning more about Nintendo by reading over time. During that period, I've been waiting and asking when the N Wiki website is going to be set up. Eventually, after waiting somewhat patiently, Archaic finally told me it's open!

At the time he told me that, I was the only one doing some of the work. It felt odd working by myself when other people were busy with their own respective wikis. Then with the assistance of some of the notable NIWA staff members such as TTE (who assisted me at an earlier time), and Tacopill (who came at a later time - also assisting me) - content was made, templates were created, and the stuff they did increased the development of the wiki as time goes. There were some wiki activity droughts here and there during the "behind the scenes" period, but relief was made thanks to these two members. In addition, credit to dkpat for making this nice, technical skin along with the logo he finalized from my concept drawing.

Nintendo Wiki launches a new era that offers unbiased information concerning Nintendo-all in one central encyclopedia. The wiki's primary focus is items that relate directly to Nintendo as a company: Its products, its people, and its actions. N Wiki also shall have a secondary focus on items that indirectly relate to Nintendo, such as notable third parties and contractors, as well as notable Nintendo-related products that they have produced. I honor the many Nintendo fan sites and communities whether they are successful or struggling for life, as well as those who have dematerialized to simple memories.

With that said, there's going to be more to come in the future, and I need your help to get there. You can help by visiting the wiki, and make a contribution by providing info, organizing info, or uploading images.

Thank you for those who are reading this post. Feel free to make a comment, suggestion, or question here.
The Lounge / Alphabet story game
November 27, 2010, 01:48:59 AM
I'm kinda bored... even during my time sorting hyperlinks for a secret wiki project after two weeks of not working on them. So after a few lines of chat in NIWA Staff forums, I came up a game to play. Make a set of mini-stories or sentences by thinking up words based on the alphabet. You must fill them all to complete the procedure.

Here's mine: "Alliance Bores Creativity - Duplicating Equality For Greatful. However, Ignorant Jacks Krack Legs - Must Neglect Of Peers.  Queen Raves Satisfying Tongue. U Vex Willpower Xtremely. Yours Zelfishly."

Try it out!
Nintendo Gaming / The hype of the 3DS!!!
April 06, 2010, 06:25:37 AM
Oy crap! It's the hype of the 3DS!

Nintendo of America is unfortunately screwed -- but I'm sure this is old news already. NoJ dropped a small press release to prevent unintended leaks by all the japanese press rounding up the Nintendo building.