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Fire Emblem / The obscurity of Fire Emblem
June 17, 2011, 01:56:30 AM
Isn't it depressing?

Does anybody actually know five people in real life who know what Fire Emblem is? Barely anybody I know knows Fire Emblem. While it's very popular in Japan, Fire Emblem is extremely obscure here in America. Barely anyone knows what it is.

Which is probably a reason why Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo, Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu, or Fire Emblem 12, may not be coming out in America. Isn't it sad?!?! It's a DS game, so it's not very likely. I'm losing hope, especially since the 3DS is out.

What do you guys think? Do you actually know Fire Emblem, have you played a game, and/or do you know a lot of people who know about this great series?

At this website, you can vote for which games will go into a Smithsonian exhibit about video game design! I voted for all the Nintendo games.

Be careful! You can only choose one game per genre per console. There are some really hard decisions, like Ocarina of Time vs. Majora's Mask vs. Paper Mario, or Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance vs. Pikmin 2, Twilight Princess vs. Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy 2 vs. Metroid Prime, etc...

Really, you should vote for which one actually has the best graphics and stuff in your opinion... but Nintendo is always great...
NIWA Discussion / Fire Emblem Wiki!
March 19, 2011, 04:25:23 AM
There was already a thread a while ago about Fire Emblem in relation to NIWA, but I'm making a new one specifically about the wiki that will most likely be an upcoming member.

For a few months I have been working on the Fire Emblem Wiki. Currently I am an admin there. Of course, we are trying to join NIWA! We fit many of the requirements; however, we still have many stubs and wanted articles. There are many, many things to write about in Fire Emblem, and few of our editors know much about the Japan-only games.

Our goal is to join by April 20, which is the same date that the first Fire Emblem game was released, back in 1990. We only have a few editors, so we would really appreciate if some fans came to help! There is also a Skype chat; ask me or another editor (Aria der Donau, BrandedOne, SuperAlpaca) to add you if you are interested.
The Lounge / Halloween!
October 29, 2010, 11:08:05 AM
There's not a thread yet?

So is anyone here dressing up for Halloween? I still am young enough to want to, but maybe that's really irrelevant.. but anyway, I'm a photographer disguised as Ash Ketchum.

What about you guys?
Pokémon / Pokémon music!
October 12, 2010, 09:20:24 PM
What do you guys think of the Pokémon music? I love how they create moods so effectively. Especially, of course, Lavender Town. (has anyone else read the creepypasta floating around about it?) The music can sound upbeat, urgent, anxious, optimistic, graceful... There're just so many moods they have.

My favorites would be the Meteor Falls theme, Lavender Town, a lot of optimistic route themes, and probably some others. What do you guys think? Share your opinions.
The Lounge / Wikia announces new layout
September 04, 2010, 03:41:21 AM
Just a random piece of news -

Here on a staff blog, Wikia announced a new layout. Imo it's really kind of unattractive, and apparently it's being done to "bring in a new audience".

Look at the comments.
- The shoutbox is being removed. Supposedly it doesn't get used enough, what about the people who DO use it?
- The right column squeezes the article into a smaller column. Looks like text blocks to me.
- Logos are squeezed into a horizontal rectangle thing. Squares are nice!
- A floating toolbar with notifications and stuff. Is this a social site now?
- Shows "image added by" lines. What's the point of that?
- It's completely mandatory - there's no way to switch back.
- Here at a FAQ, it's basically worded cleverly to say that it's all for more business.

Wikia basically ignored most negative posts. Someone posted a large negative review-thing and then added an extra note about name changes, and an admin responded.. about name changes. To me it looks really bad - lots of unnecessary stuff. Aren't wikis for info and content, not social networking? The majority of commenters dislikes this. And so a lot of people are threatening to leave...

So what do you guys think?
The Lounge / Internet browsers
June 16, 2010, 01:57:28 AM
So guys, what browser do you use? I'm thinking the majority will be Firefox. Here's a topic to generally discuss browsers and stuff.

I use Google Chrome and don't remember who recommended it to me. It's very simplistic but does have add-ons like Firefox. Its compatibility and usefulness is at about the same level as Firefox, but for me it's faster. Also, I like the design.  Here's the site, go try it!

I also use Firefox when I need to, and IE when I'm forced to. Although I really don't like IE. What do you guys think?
Is there any way to show support other than joining NIWA with a Nintendo wiki? I don't have any wiki, but I do have a site and I'd like very much to show my support. I think this is a great cause, but I don't see any way to show that anywhere easily.

I have a site and hope to spread word of this (planning to post a topic about NIWA on quite a big forum), and I have a suggestion: why not have some support buttons? They could be animated or not, and they could just have NIWA's logo or something. I think it'd be a great idea, since people would be curious and try clicking on this mysterious link. Although my website doesn't get that many views, I believe it still would be pretty effective.

Any thoughts? By the way, the forum I mentioned is specifically The Cave of Dragonflies Forums, of which NIWA has had no mention. Time to go post....