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Quote from: Raltseye on April 12, 2018, 10:32:37 AM
I'd take this as GCL has accepted affiliation so when is this made official?

It was mainly just me who supported it, although I believe others from Glitch City Laboratories (such as Yuzihax) wanted to do it too a long time ago. I don't mind if this is brought up again, so if anyone else (like Moydow, Archaic) wants to contribute to this thread I support. I just feel cautious of being impartial because I'm active as an admin on both NIWA member wikis and GCL, whereas if someone from NIWA wrote their opinion who isn't an active GCL member it feels better for some reason.
Fire Emblem / Re: The obscurity of Fire Emblem
March 10, 2018, 05:53:37 PM
I relate a lot because Legendary Starfy is similar, in particular with the first four games which were only released in Japan. The fifth game was also only localised for America and Australia and I live in the United Kingdom, so whenever I talk to anyone there about Starfy not many people have heard of him except maybe some very dedicated gaming fans (however there are Starfy fans, in particular he is popular on websites like DeviantArt and Pixiv, and many Starfy fans are also big fans of Kirby, we're just hidden).

Unfortunately too, like the Golden Sun series we haven't seen a new Starfy game since years, however Starfy's appearance in Super Mario Maker for Wii U (as well as Smash Bros. since Brawl) was nice.
Hello. In addition to Starfy Wiki I'm an administrator over at Glitch City Labs.

We actually started affiliating with other websites not too long ago (including a French and a Japanese Pokémon glitch site) and we would happily support affiliation (if other wikis at NIWA are OK with this).

Regarding membership there was a discussion in the past in 2010 started by myself regarding whether Glitch City could become full NIWA members (I'm unsure if it is also on these forums, but on our side we had a discussion about it here) and I was able to access the discussion because of being an admin of Starfy Wiki.

While I can't remember the exact details, if I remember correctly other members of NIWA weren't too sure about membership (Archaic noted for instance Bulbapedia already covers glitches, although admitted parts of the site about glitches were covered in more depth). One suggestion was to, rather than become members, for Glitch City to form a glitch alliance instead in which we would affiliate with Zelda Chaos (English Legend of Zelda glitch wiki) and potentially other websites.

Looking back, at that point the wiki had far less articles and the three main projects GlitchDex, AttackDex, ItemDex were still incomplete. I reflected on it and thought we should become bigger first. Have had similar thoughts about asking again recently, but been thinking of us becoming more exhaustive in our coverage (in particular in Generations IV+ and sub-glitches from all generations). On second thoughts however I feel we are at a better state than we were before (with 1390+ articles compared to about 300 in the past), so I have no objections, but I'll bump the older thread over on Glitch City to get some input.

Thanks for suggesting us and we would love to support further Bulbapedia too.  :)

I'll attend the NIWA Discord chat to discuss if there is a discussion there already.
The Legendary Starfy / Note: New Starfy forum
September 20, 2016, 11:58:08 PM
Hi. This is just an update to note about a year ago (I can't believe it's already been that long) my close friend started a dedicated forum about the Legendary Starfy series. This attracted a relatively large number of members, although activity has sadly died down.

If anyone wants to discuss Legendary Starfy it may be a good place to chat there at http://thelegendarystarfy.boards.net/ if you like. Thanks. :)
The Lounge / Re: Random article story
June 20, 2016, 09:58:29 PM
I wrote a mini fan-fiction. Hope you like it. :)

A twist in the space-time continuum means that a brand new era had begun in which many Nintendo related series unite. In this postmodern era, many people learn about the different heroes and communities through television. Nobody knows what caused the twist, however an object from the Pikmin universe called the Chronos Reactor (Pikipedia) (capable of warping space-time) was found.

One day, Kate Alen (F-Zero Wiki) the singer from the F-Zero series was playing Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions (NintendoWiki) and she got an invitation to join the virtual band Strawberry Flower (Pikipedia) later next Tuesday. Kate Alen was interested in joining the band. Ever since 2005, she has been feeling bored of her singing career and joined F-Zero racing. Although not a passionate singer, Kate Alen was secretly a big Pikmin fan, and joining Strawberry Flower felt like the best thing for her even more so than F-Zero racing. As thrilling as it was, she had thought about how many racers were lost in F-Zero racing and decided that the risk wasn't worth it.

Meanwhile, in the Valley of Bowser (Super Mario Wiki), Bowser was plotting a malicious scheme. He had stolen the Chronos Reactor and recruited many of the minor bosses from Dragon Quest Swords to guard his castle. (Dragon Quest Wiki; List of minor bosses in Dragon Quest Swords). Bowser's secret was that he wanted to hijack the Chronos Reactor and use its powers to contain all of the universe (except for himself) inside of a Cell Phone (Wikirby), and it was working.

The next Monday back at Kate Alan's house, Kate was engrossed in playing Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (NintendoWiki), but received a text message that she missed her interview! (The interview had been re-arranged to be on Monday rather than on a Tuesday, however there was a breakdown in communications which meant that Kate didn't get to know)

Kate tried to find out the number for Strawberry Flower management but the number was withheld and that day her Internet wasn't working to look it up, either.

She decided to call her best friend Tad the frog (Nookipedia) who lived in a village. But Tad gave some bad advice, "Chill! Just chill!" said Tad, and Kate shouted, "Pikmin is my life! How do you expect me to feel chilled?" Suddenly, the signal was obfuscated. "H..elp me! ..Help!" cried Tad and he was being sucked into his cell phone. "Oh no. Tad, tad?! Are you there? Where are you?" said Kate worried, and the signal cut off.

Then immediately after, there was a knock at Kate's door. It was Snoopy (NintendoWiki), Kate's next door neighbour who had been reading Hyrule Historia and noticed something mysterious. "I was reading the Hyrule Historia (Gallery:Hyrule Historia - Zelda Wiki) I bought to make sense of the The Legend of Zelda timeline, when suddenly the book began to glow. It felt hot so I put the book down, and the next time I read it there was a section that identifies you as a hero in Legend of Zelda folklore." I suggest that we should and ask around to find out what is the meaning of all this.

Kate and Snoopy looked around town asking people for advice with no luck. Many thought that that Kate and Snoopy made the story up, "You as a hero?! You're just a minor F-Zero character?!" 9-Volt said, "You're crazy" said another. They were just about to give up and take the phenomenon that occurred that day with a pinch of salt, when they found a random Swellow POP Series 1 15
(Bulbapedia) on the floor and Snoopy picked it up. "I wonder where this came from?" pondered Snoopy. Suddenly Kate and Snoopy were teleported into BS The Legend of Zelda!

Snoopy and Kate became Satellaview avatars, and they eventually made it up to Level 3 (Level 3 (BS The Legend of Zelda) - Zelda Wiki). Snoopy was quite rattled and bewildered, although Kate proved to be quite brave. Kate battled the Manhandla boss, but halfway through the battle it swallowed Snoopy. "Snoopy, no!" exclaimed Kate, but Kate stayed calm in the situation, thought of what to do and punched down a stalactite, causing it to fall down on the Manhandla and defeated it.

"You have passed the test of courage" echoed a scary voice. Kate was confused as to what this meant and if it was referring to something significant which was unknown, but took it with a pinch of salt. "Snoopy, I'm glad you're OK" said Kate. "Thanks for saving me" replied Snoopy, and they both smiled. Afterwards, Kate and Snoopy were warped back home and it was late so they slept until the next day.

Kate had a nightmare that night as thoughts were racing through her head. "Tad.. What happened yesterday was strange, I wish we never searched around and picked up that card". In the nightmare, she saw Bowser sucking up all of the universe, including the F-Zero universe; where Bowser's breath would cause tracks to break apart. Kate was unaware, but this was actually an accurate illustration of what was yet to come.

Kate woke up with a shock, "Boy that was scary, I'm going to search for Tad today right away." so she set off looking for answers first thing in the morning after breakfast (it was a lovely F-Zero cereal with pieces shaped like characters and racing machines). She searched solid for three and a half hours with no luck and became hungry, so she decided to stop at a restaurant named "Lots'a Spaghetti" to eat. There she encountered a Toad dressed as a detective, and they had a chat. "I had the strangest dream last night", said Kate; and she explained about Bowser and her dream.

The Toad said "If I told you this you would probably not believe it, but Bowser really is planning to encapsulate everything from the universe except from himself" and he talked about the Chronos Reactor. "I've experienced stranger", said Kate; and she talked about how she became a hero in the BS The Legend of Zelda universe! The Toad was utterly astonished, "Wow! you may just have what it takes to overthrow Bowser" said the Toad. "Behind the back door of this restaurant is a green Warp Pipe that leads to the Valley of Bowser. Bowser does not know about this yet and the pipe is well concealed. I want you and Snoopy to find Bowser and return the Chronos Reactor to The Distant Spring on the Pikmin Planet".

"Sure, I'll try my best!" said Kate. She asked the Toad for his name, and he replied "Geoff". Kate smiled and said "Nice to meet you Geoff" and she went back home to invite Snoopy. At first Snoopy was reluctant to join, "B-Bowser... He's a fearful foe" but he changed his mind. "It's hard to stay calm in this situation, but I guess I'll give it a go". So they went back to "Lots'a Spaghetti", went through the warp pipe and made it to The Valley of Bowser. Geoff also decided to tag along.

"Dum-dum... Dum-du~m!" played the music in The Valley of Bowser, and Snoopy, Kate saw various Nintendo characters trapped in cages including Mario, Link, Kirby.. and Tad! The atmosphere was quite ominous indeed. Tad was crying and exclaimed "Kate, please save me :(", and Kate replied "Don't worry friend, we'll thwart Bowser and you'll be safe soon".

Kate, Snoopy and Geoff invaded Bowser's castle through the Back Door, defeated the Dragon Quest Swords bosses and made it to the room containing Bowser and the Chronos Reactor. Bowser snarled "So... you may have made it to my castle, but Mario, Link, Kirby and the rest of the world are mine, and you will never see the light of day again.". Bowser didn't even mention Tad, he thought of him as just an insignificant Animal Crossing character and his head was focused on what to do with Mario, Link and Kirby because they are the heroes of their respective series.

The castle had a different design to how it once appeared in Super Mario World, and Bowser had the foolish idea of installing an axe and bridge! Snoopy gathered Kate and Geoff near a wall where Bowser couldn't spot them. "Where are you, you little rats!" said Bowser, and he went to stand on the bridge to see if they were behind it. Then, Geoff rushed over to pull down the axe and Bowser was defeated!

Bowser said "Noooo. Once more I've been defeated, and I even captured the heroes of legend; but you just wait. One day I'll be back to take over the world again. Remember this.", and he sunk into the lava with a bellowing growl. Four keys spit out of the lava, and gathered towards Kate, Snoopy and Geoff. "We did it!!" they cheered, and they tried the keys on the cages outside of the castle in the Valley of Bowser. The keys opened the cages, and Mario, Link, Kirby and Tad were grateful. "Woohoo", "Ha-yah!", "Poyo!" they cheered, and Tad smiled "You're a hero Kate! I would've been a goner if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much."

Sooo... Kate, Snoopy, Geoff and Tad headed back home through the warp pipe, and Mario, Link and Kirby were teleported back to their worlds. :) Kate carried the Chronos Reactor for safe-keeping. Kate walked back home deep in thought, and when she went home she thought about applying for Strawberry Flower again, and rang them on her Pikmin telephone. She received a message "you have reached the 100 Pikmin Limit (Pikipedia)" (Kate had applied for a cheap phone service which terminates after 100 Pikmin World hours)" which prevented her from contacting them.

Kate said "Oh, darn..." and wondered what to do next. Suddenly, a person materialized in her house.

It was Sheik! "I was the person who spoke to you when you made it to the BS world. Thank you for saving the land when Link was kidnapped. There is a reason why the card you found in your town was a Swellow. Swellow is like a falcon, and it was a subtle reminder for you that you are valued in the F-Zero community. In 2234 you are planned to be the star of a new F-Zero game and we would love to see you back in F-Zero". Kate said, "but I really want to join Strawberry Flower, what should I do?"; Sheik said "well you could volunteer in your free time". "That's sounds good" Kate said. She then said bye to Sheik and thanked her.

Kate being the avid Pikmin fan she was owned a replica of The Hocotate Ship that can pilot itself and transport goods to the Pikmin Planet. She used it to return the Chronos Reactor to The Distant Spring on the Pikmin Planet.

Later, Kate had fun back at F-Zero and volunteering at Strawberry Flower. At Strawberry Flower, they produce the songs on piano (Piano (souvenir) - Super Mario Wiki) and Kate sings over them, however it can be a tad stressful at times because her manager is Barbara the Bat (from Jam from the Band).

The End.
The Lounge / Re: New Members Thread
June 20, 2016, 05:00:06 PM
Quote from: Aetherrevival on June 17, 2016, 10:21:50 PM
Hello, everyone! I just joined up here, so I thought I'd stop by to say 'hi'~
Welcome to the forums!
NIWA Discussion / Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
May 13, 2016, 10:27:18 PM
Oh no. :( I'm sorry to hear about this news. Rest in peace, Walkazo.
NIWA Discussion / Re: Golden Sun wiki
May 14, 2015, 02:30:07 PM
Quote from: Greenpickle on May 13, 2015, 09:10:05 PM
I'm a terrible person for not fixing this until now.  I really need to work out a way of getting notifications for every new thread.

Thanks Greenpickle. Nah, don't worry about it. Better late then never.
NintendoWiki discussion / Re: What happened?
April 27, 2015, 08:36:43 PM
Archaic talked to the server tech and they found that (apparently) the problem is that MediaWiki is out of date, and updating it will fix the problem. Hopefully when MediaWiki is updated the wiki will be functionable again soon.
The Legendary Starfy / Starfy appeal and petition
April 10, 2015, 10:23:42 PM
I started an appeal and petition for the character Starfy.

Through this medium; we can educate other people about what makes him unique, spread his support and encourage a few people into voting. Contrary to some belief, he is not a 'weak' character with limited options for moves. His adventures throughout his five games support the idea that is far from the case.

I stress that I only intend to encourage votes from the official ballot. I do not want people messaging Masahiro Sakurai on Twitter or anything like that.

(Also posted on NinDB, GameFAQs)
The Legendary Starfy / Let's talk about Tose
February 07, 2015, 07:19:57 PM
Tose (or TOSE) is a company who has contributed to a huge number of games, often for 'minor' things, and not taking credit. They are known for being "behind the scenes" . Confidentiality agreements have meant that they often do not disclose whether they worked on a game. However, they own part of the copyright to the Legendary Starfy series with Nintendo, and have developed those games.

Densetsu no Starfy began when Hitoshi Yamagami received an instruction from his boss to make some kind of 'floaty platformer' in November 1995. This game became a balloon-lifting game, then a game where the player had to control a bubble with a Nintendo character in it, then Densetsu no Starfy for the Game Boy Color before being reworked to the Game Boy Advance.

To make Densetsu no Starfy, Hitoshi Yamagami collaborated with Tose producer Yasuhiro Minamimoto and we can see in the Densetsu no Starfy staff credits that Tose were involved in developing it with supervision from Nintendo.

The Big Starfy stuffed toy made by Tomy can be can be seen on the coordinator icon for the job type (or "job family") page.

When discussing The Legendary Starfy coming out of Japan, Hitsohi Yamagami has described the game like "his own child" making a major debut. I feel the development team really enjoy what they made.

As part of the Starfy Wiki Tose article, I gathered different logos that Tose used on their website throughout the years. I like the rainbow one personally. When I saw Peach's up air attack in Super Smash Bros. 4, it made me think of it due to Tose developing Super Princess Peach, even though I really have doubts that is relevant.

1998+ , 2000+
c. 2003 logo , April 26 2003- logo
April 16 2005- logo , May 1 2006- logo

If you look at their website during 2003 (and maybe they had this up earlier) then you can find this section advertising Densetsu no Starfy with a nice slot machine flash thing where characters from Densetsu no Starfy are shown! These characters are Starfy, Moe, Herman, Ogura's final boss form, Konk, Old Man Lobber, an Ukizzu, Konk and Blantern with the Buranko. The characters on the panel constantly change and occasionally you get three matches. A really nice touch is that Tose added animations to the sprites, making them shine/Moe's eyes move around, etc.

The Invention King:

From 1998, Tose started a series of surveys on their website called The Invention King or TOSE Invention King, where they would talk about inventions, ask for people's ideas/opinions and give prizes for select responses.

The first "The Invention King" was for software ideas for a Playstation and Dreamcast "PDA".

The prizes were originally plain cash up to 100000 yen (about 839.38 dollars according to the conversion tool offered on Google). The series went on and the prizes decreased in value, though.

Some time later QUO Cards worth 1000 yen (and of an unspecified value during the 12th The Invention King) were offered as prizes.

Densetsu no Starfy merchandise used to be offered as prizes as well. These included a copy of Densetsu no Starfy for a 2002 mobile phone survey and Showa Note's Densetsu no Starfy soft pencil case for a December 10th 2002-Februrary 28th 2003 survey. From July 15th 2003-September 30th 2003 to April 15th-June 30th 2004, Tose continued to offer "Densetsu no Starfy goods" as prizes in their Invention King surveys but they didn't specify which goods they were.

Super Princess Peach:

As is well sourced, Super Princess Peach was developed by Tose, though Nintendo solely owns the rights to the game, scenario, music and program. Starfy cameos in that game as an enemy name as the "Starfish" (however, Starfy is actually described as a mysterious star like creature with traits of a celestial star by Hitoshi Yamagami). In that game Starfy is wearing sunglasses. In the Legendary Starfy series, Starfy likes wearing, and collecting sunglasses. He is a rare enemy in Super Princess Peach that appears in three areas of Hoo's Wood, Wavy Beach and Gleaming Glacier and when you defeat him in all three locations (with him no longer appearing after he is defeated there), he appears in the Glossary as "a star-shaped foe rumored to be the prince of a kingdom?; a reference to Starfy being the prince of Pufftop.

Here is a video of defeating Starfy all three locations.

Super Princess Peach has some other similarities to the Legendary Starfy games as well. There are fragile platforms in Shriek Mansion, Fury Volcano and Bowser's Villa and these are like the fragile platforms in Misty Town in Tose's then previous Starfy game, Densetsu no Starfy 3.

Another similarity is that there is a stage called Bowser's Villa. In Densetsu no Starfy 4 (a later game), the first Stage is called Lobber's Villa (actually Rob's Villa if we use the Japanese name of Old Man Lobber).

Though this may be coincidental, both Super Princess Peach and Densetsu no Starfy 4 feature owl bosses (Hoo and King Owlrun)

Super Princess Peach and the Legendary Starfy games share some similar options, including Bonus (like Densetsu no Starfy's Omake option), Glossary (like the 'zukan' features), Minigame, Music Room and Shop.

Within the game code, we can find more things in common. The Japanese version of Super Princess Peach and Densetsu no Starfy 4 share a large amount of unused models.

Some of these are Starfy series related, so if we rewound time and someone discovered these (assuming no one had), then one could assume that a 3D Starfy game was in the works.

Others are completely unrelated to their game:

Exclusively to Densetsu no Starfy 4 are even some Galaga textures:

From these unused models, it makes me wonder if Tose have unused stored assets in more Nintendo DS games.

It is worth stressing a lot is that although Densetsu no Starfy 4 uses some 3D models, they are only used for stage previews and the Game Over screen and possibly other things. The game is not in full 3D. Super Princess Peach uses even fewer if any 3D models.

Densetsu no Starfy 4 has the shared data between Super Princess Peach for the Koopaling bosses that didn't make it into Super Princess Peach.

More on shared assets: Dr. Mario & Puzzle League
Apparently, in one of three "bmg" files in Dr. Mario & Puzzle League there is text from the Legendary Starfy games, which I deduced to have been copied over from Densetsu no Starfy 3.

Some of the text clearly refers to debug leftovers from Densetsu no Starfy 3 (and maybe we can still access a debug menu there). This includes test messages and text for testing functions (including color change testing, animation change testing and conversation testing).

You can read more about this here.

Densetsu no Starfy's debug menu
I discovered how to activate a debug menu in Densetsu no Starfy after somebody from TCRF found debug text in the ROM where you can do various things like listening to all music (though Densetsu no Starfy does have an accessible sound test) and forcing a conversation. The debug sound test lets you listen to sound effects and an unused version of the Opening Demo music unlike the accessible sound test. The accessible sound tests are known throughout the series as Umi no Neiro (which you could translate as "Ocean Tones" or Sea Jams if you go by the localized The Legendary Starfy name).

The style of this debug menu is shared between debug screens for Game & Watch Gallery 4 and Dan Doh!! Tobase Shouri no Smile Shot!! (suggesting that Tose may have had a role in the development of that game). Both Dan Doh!! Tobase Shouri no Smile Shot!! and Densetsu no Starfy have screens called the "Debug "Main Menu"".
NIWA Discussion / Re: "Dead" Wikis
February 07, 2015, 05:35:26 PM
Thank you for asking around. I will post more on our Starfy board too.

Speedrunning articles. Sounds like a good idea. I have a friend who is a Pokémon speedrunner who was actually thinking about doing a Starfy speedrun at one point but he is not familiar with the series, so I could give him the information he might want.

Densetsu no Starfy has a major glitch that lets you take control of the game's attract demo, and another (frame specific) Suspend Save corruption glitch where you have to reset the game exactly 36 frames after pressing Start (though that one hasn't been confirmed on console, only emulator). The fastest TAS on TASVideos beats the game in 3:28.

Routing for Densetsu no Starfy any% would be a start.

In Densetsu no Starfy 2 there is a sequence break in the Large Tree's Forest stage involving taking enemy damage to give you a boost to let you get to a door, but I haven't documented it on the wiki yet though.

When routing games that do not make much use of glitches, it may serve as a sort of mini-walkthrough that could appeal to not just speedrunners.
NIWA Discussion / Re: "Dead" Wikis
February 07, 2015, 04:43:30 PM
I see. I have actually tried that re:unused content (I have always been fanatical about unused Pokémon things and glitches so that helped), and I've dug into glitches as well, but no new face wants to edit on the wiki/no old face has come back for long-time editing.

The Densetsu no Starfy 4 unused content page is the 22nd most popular page on the wiki, list of glitches in the Nintendo DS games is the 14th, so people are definitely interested. However, I feel that (and glitches to a lesser extent) are subjects that are specialized and that people are maybe less likely to contribute about them. Though maybe the same could be said about the Japanese content to a lesser degree.

An open question: what do you think are factors that contribute interest in contributing to a wiki?

I think
*Series popularity/whether a new game has come out
*Nice site design, accessible, colourful with little bugs (I am really thankful to The Forgotten Beast and Tappy for this)
*Things to do (and perhaps obvious things to do)
*Depth  (often hard unless you're good at Japanese)
*Breadth (the wiki is very broad)
*Maybe having not just the wiki but a place where people can talk about the series (there is a Legendary Starfy forum on these boards but it doesn't get used much)
*Content that will make the wiki useful for playthroughs (there are a few articles like this such as our Zukan and Rare Enemy pages and the Answers Card page)
*The ease of finding new information and people's interest to do so.

The wiki has a lot of things right with it, but I can't see anything completely new we can write about; but things to do include expanding character biographies and adding sections about character's roles in the manga (the information is (mainly) already there thanks to the manga articles).

I guess we need more knowledgeable Legendary Starfy fans. I have seen a few on GameFAQs, but they are rare (outside of Japan) and some may no longer be interested in researching about the series. Some day I would love to see someone with an excellent knowledge in Japanese who has played every Legendary Starfy game (or at least is in the process of playing them) and would like to contribute.

I found out how to translate the Densetsu no Stary text in the ROM (and it is a little harder because there is no English font except in the credits and a debug menu but somebody did make an English VWF hack for it). I am not experienced enough yet (by far) in both Japanese and a hacking respect, but I'm currently translating what I can.

Thanks for your reply.
NIWA Discussion / Re: "Dead" Wikis
February 07, 2015, 08:38:09 AM
I hope some editors came to Metroid Wiki. But even if there are not so many, it's good that you do not seem to be the only editor. :)

Quote from: embyr_75 on September 16, 2014, 08:49:51 PM
Ok, so maybe Dead is a bit dramatic, but I know that right now Metroid Wiki has pretty much no activity. There haven't been any real content edits or new articles created since... I don't even remember. And there are TONS of articles that still need creating. The first page of our "new files" gallery goes back to late 2013, and even back then it was mostly just me. I guess I'm technically still here, but it's really hard to get motivated to edit when you're by yourself. I've taken to drifting between SMWiki and ZW in the interim. :P I'm sure other Wikis are in the same boat.

I can relate to this. I edit the Starfy Wiki and it has almost no activity except from me, now. I am currently the only person who adds game information or creates new articles.

I miss when it wasn't just me. However, we were a small community to begin with. The main 'bulk' editors before I joined were The Forgotten Beast, Star_Light and Kagegamer12 and there were a few other editors like MBArceus on the Wikia version, and perhaps less on starfywiki.org after it was hosted. (I do not know because I didn't join the Wikia version early). They worked very hard to develop the wiki by themselves after BattleFranky202 founded it. I feel we are close, and that makes me happy but I think I should keep in touch with the other staff more. (I took over as editor in chief from The Forgotten Beast as I am the sole contributor now).

There became a point when they stopped submitting game content, and then from then on I was the only person doing those kinds of edits. I don't know why, I have some thoughts as to why if it's not just real life factors (i, ii). But it should never be an obligation to edit a wiki, just a hobby.

i) I think the amount of stuff left to cover on Starfy Wiki has become much lower. If you compare the amount of articles on Starfy Wikia (603), you can see that Starfywiki.org has over double (1341).

When starfywiki.org was started, we didn't have articles about every character/enemy, item and tune yet. Now we do, and surprisingly there are very little things we can start new articles about (which puts us in a different position to you if that isn't the case with Metroid Wiki). I do think that the detail on some articles can be improved; i.e. the Japanese game characters, stages and enemies, however. Myself and Star Light know some Japanese, but we don't know enough to make detailed character descriptions.

I became really fanatical about the Legendary Starfy series, much more than I thought I'd get into it when I joined Starfy Wikia. On starfywiki.org, together with Star Light I completed articles about every character and enemy in the Legendary Starfy series, and we even did some manga synopses together (and I have finished the rest of the manga except chapters in an obscure (as if the tankoubon manga wasn't obscure) non-tankoubon series/in magazine manga).

I covered totally new topics as well. These include merchandise, events, glitches, prerelease information, unused content and more.

I get a feeling that the Legendary Starfy series may be 'too obscure', but that is wrong. I know it has a fan-base, although it is fragmented. There are many fans on Youtube and DeviantArt, just not in a dedicated community. Many people liked the only English game in the series, The Legendary Starfy. But there seems to be no dedicated website other than Starfy Wiki, and I think it's disappointing that I have seen almost no edits from non-staff (with a few exceptions) on the independent wiki.

There used to be a Legendary Starfy website called Saltwater Stafi but I don't know how popular it became, it was before I became a fan. I don't even know of a dedicated Japanese website that updates regularly, other than an art blog called imasara that we are affiliates with.

ii) It doesn't help there has been no new Legendary Starfy game for getting on to 6 years, because if there was; I could try to get in touch with the other staff and team up to cover the game together and a new game may invite newcomers to the series. Golden Sun Universe is in a similar situation in this respect.

Regardless of being the only editor, I enjoy editing Starfy Wiki and have a drive to improve it when I can. It just has become more boring. My number of edits have dwarfed all the other staff's during the periods where I am the only contributor (21808 compared to 9000 something for all the other staff combined).
NIWA Discussion / Re: Golden Sun wiki
November 21, 2014, 09:24:26 PM
Quote from: Moydow on November 18, 2014, 11:00:39 PM
Because they recently changed how it works, for easier updating. They might want to put up an announcement for that though.

Oh, I think the main NIWA Network page may need updating for the Golden Sun Universe link. It still seems to use /Main Page instead of /wiki/Main Page, but my browser may be bringing up a cached version. I tried alt+F5, but I don't know if that worked.

Quote from: Scarred Sun on October 19, 2014, 08:40:54 PM
Since it looks like you guys are taking slightly looser requirements on affiliation now (at least for your sidebar!) and I always wince a bit when I see the suggestions here to work with the Wikia versions or what have you:


Note that for our corner of fandom it doesn't make as much sense to have child wikis, so we just have the two major ones.

Why do you think that, may I ask? I get what you're saying with Wikia; that may cause trouble, but I think any independent wiki of good quality may be affiliates if they ask. It promotes the idea of healthy wiki development.
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June 11, 2014, 05:34:35 PM
Samurai Goroh was in a race, driving the Fire Stingray. Captain Falcon was also in the race, but he wasn't paying attention and was playing The Sims 2: Nightlife on his Mac laptop, trying to buy the Shinytyme Kitchen Sink (The Sims 2: Nightlife/Plumbing).

Captain Falcon in his Blue Falcon accidentally got sent over to San Fransisco, after being sent there by a Golden Barrel. He then saw Captain Olimar, who just happened to have landed on Earth in San Francisco (with something to stop the poisonous oxygen from harming him). On the way Captain Olimar saw Captain Falcon's blue coffee mug that happened to have got turned upside down during the journey, and Olimar called it the Invigorator.

Sources in this order: F-Zero Wiki, Strategy Wiki, Mario Wiki, Donkey Kong Wiki, Pikipedia.
Additionally, this happened after the Wikirby.com domain expired and Adam wasn't able to renew it. The site was forked or something to Wikirby.us, and people had to re-register. Soon Wikirby.com was re-registered by Adam and Wikirby.us was made a redirect, then Wikirby.us eventually changed to a 'default web page' page.

I don't know if the current Wikirby.com is based on the Wikirby.us database.
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March 20, 2014, 10:06:41 PM
*Bumping this because I'm bored. I hope this is OK, because these forums aren't very active anyway. If people disagree and nobody replies please delete this.*

The Infantry from Advance Wars came across an upgrade from the Metroid series that gave them large guns, and they used this to fight Whispy Woods. Meanwhile, Blowhard from Mario Party 3 was below their feet. It was offended that the infantry defeated someone who was good at blowing wind, like how it could blow wind upwards. When the infantry weren't looking, Blowhard blew them away, but then realized that it needed to do something else, so it went to play Animal Crossing not to miss Hometown Day.
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March 06, 2014, 11:54:46 AM
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Hey guys new here, dropped by to say hi