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Wikia makes another offer for Bulbapedia - Epic Fail

Started by Archaic, April 22, 2010, 07:24:17 AM

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QuoteHi Liam,

I was recently told about the problems you'd had in March with the
increased traffic. If there is any offer you would like Wikia to make
to be able to host the Bulbagarden website, please let me know. I hope
we can restart a discussion on what would be an appropriate level of
compensation for you, in either cash, stock, or revenue sharing.


Thank you Angela, for proving to me once again that Wikia does not actually really care about fandoms whatsoever, that you don't actually watch our trends or care anything about our circumstances.

Here's some news for you. Putting aside the whole NIWA thing, Bulbagarden increased itself from a capacity of 2 servers to 5 servers over the Heart Gold & Soul Silver launch period. If we can afford to put on that kind of cluster to host ourselves, why the hell would we take up your duplicitous offer?



You know, I really wonder... would they have been able to stand the amount of load we were under? If TPE were anywhere near our level of quality and stuff?


Actually, this time she's said outright stock as opposed to stock options, which while better is still not worth it.

Honestly, you'd think that as her email quoted our previous exchanges (so she evidently just hit reply on an old one), she would've noticed the fact that I have a Masters degree in International Business, and that I actively teach this stuff. It's like she assumes that because we run a Pokémon site, that we must not actually be very savvy with finances.



If you're part of the NIWA, you're not going to join Wikia.  ...and when did Pokemon ever equal poor?


My theroy:

she may not be a server-person, so it's possible she doesn't know how much it cost's to run a site. And if she assumes Pokemon fans are poor...because....we spend to much money on merchandise? then of course we don't have enough money to run the site and therefore would need wikia's help.


Her initial offer for Bulbapedia, way back in...2006 or 2007 I think it was.....was $1000. I think that says it all.


Perhaps we should join Wikia after all.....

On a serious note, FAIL


Let us never forget this moment of history... that we stand strong and... breathless from our laughter. :3


so, are we starting an war between the massive empire and a group of independents? like small stores vs. big franchises, small studios vs. EA or activision and the separatist vs. the republic?

(or, any of the other hundreds of David-v-Golith stories that happen in ficition and history)


War?  No, that's the last thing we want.  It's more of a rivaly which has yet to fully happen.  We are simply trying to create more efficient wikis which are not tied down by Wikia.  Wiki tried to buy out Bulbapedia (again), and failed (again), so hence the "epic."  We aren't even that big yet, but we may be some time in the future.


alright, that's settles my curiosity.... for now *evil laugh*  :laugh: :laugh:


Unfortunatly, the fact that we're not going to outright declare war on them means my "cancer on the internet" paragraph from the draft email reply some of you have seen won't be getting published.




Do not look directly at her! Your soul will be consumed!

That's how we lost poor Daniel...
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