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Black Out

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This article describes one or more prototypes, which may include information that has already leaked. Although a limited number of screenshots and general information is allowed, linking to ROMs/source code is not allowed, nor is coverage of prototypes of upcoming games.

Black Out
ブラック アウト
Black Out screenshot.png
Developer(s): (Unknown)
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Category: Action
Players: (Unknown)
Predecessor: (Unknown)
Successor: (Unknown)
Release dates
Japan: Cancelled

Sleep redirects here. For the feature, please see Sleep Mode. For the Pokémon game, please see Pokémon Sleep.

Black Out, also known as Sleep is a cancelled Super Nintendo Entertainment System game. It would have supported the SNES Mouse similar to games such as Mario Paint and the later Mario & Wario. Elements in the game are also similar to Gumshoe and Yoshi Touch & Go, where the player automatically moves forward but can be aided/enemies can be attacked from a distance.

It was advertised in a flyer with the Japanese version of Mario Paint and planned for a November 1992 release, however the game never surfaced.[1]


Black Out logo.png