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Sleep Mode

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Sleep Mode is a feature introduced in a few Game Boy Advance games, such as Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3. It was later built in to the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch families of consoles themselves.

Sleep Mode causes the game to temporarily suspend; preserving some of the console's battery life. It can be activated via an in-game menu (Game Boy Advance), closing the lid (Nintendo DS and 3DS), adjusting a sleep mode slider (Nintendo 2DS), or pressing the power button but not holding it down fully (Nintendo Switch). For the Nintendo Switch, the console may also eventually enter Sleep Mode if no input is left by the player.

The game/console can be resumed later by pressing L+R+Select (Game Boy Advance), opening the lid (Nintendo DS and 3DS), adjusting the slider (Nintendo 2DS), or pressing the power button/home button (Nintendo Switch).

Some Nintendo DS games feature sound effects for when the system is opened or closed (resuming or activating Sleep Mode). For Nintendo 3DS, Sleep Mode can be used for the StreetPass feature.

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  • In Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite models there is an issue where quickly ejecting and reinserting the Game Card while in Sleep Mode and ending Sleep Mode causes the game to become glitched. While some games recognise that the Game Card was ejected (e.g. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team), others do not (e.g. Super Mario 64 DS) and will carry on as usual but will freeze at certain times. In some titles this may have other effects, such as corrupting the audio in Rayman DS. A crash debugger can be accessed this way using button combinations on a few titles.
  • Additionally, Sleep Mode can be forced on certain consoles with the use of magnets, or by placing two consoles on top of each other.
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