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Miiverse logo.png
Miiverse logo
Provider: Nintendo
Launched: November 2012
End of service: November 2017
Service provided: Nintendo Network
Accessible by: Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PC/smartphones (Internet)

Miiverse is an integrated social networking platform launched by Nintendo and made available via Nintendo Network, allowing users to make posts in specific communities relating to their experiences in games they are playing for the world to see. The service was created by the Nintendo System Development division and Hatena.

The Miiverse platform was originally announced before E3 2012 on June 9[1], and was originally launched alongside the Wii U on November 18, 2012. A web version of Miiverse was later launched in April 2013. Miiverse was finally released on Nintendo 3DS in a system update on December 9, 2013, starting with a select number of game communities with the number increasing over time.

On June 1, 2015, Nintendo announced that Miiverse would be redesigned and updated with several new features, including a screenshot album, Play Journals, which allow users to make updates with the games they are playing, and specific sections for communities dedicated to Play Journal entries, drawings, and discussion posts.[2] The redesign officially launched on July 29.[3]

On August 29, 2017, Nintendo announced that Miiverse would be shutting down on November 7, and would no longer be accessible on any platform. Miiverse game features would also no longer be available. According to Nintendo, the service was shut down due to many users shifting to other social network services, among other reasons. For a time before shutdown, users could request to receive a downloadable archive of their Miiverse posts.[4]


Players can access Miiverse through special in-game prompts or from their system's home menu, and can even be accessed while software is suspended (on original model Nintendo 3DS systems, however, certain games may disable the use of Miiverse while open). From the Miiverse homepage posts are organized into communities for software or special events. Players can search for communities and favorite communities. From the Communities page, users are also able to view and filter communities, set Miiverse to view communities from other regions (Europe and Oceania, Japan, and the Americas), and toggle between communities for games for each system. Users can also view posts from verified users. From the Activity Feed, players can see the latest posts from their friends. The Notifications menu allows users to view updates such as recent follows and comments on posts as well as friend requests from others.

On the user page, users are able to make a profile comment as well as set their country, birthday, game experience (beginner, intermediate, and expert), and favorite genres (up to three), as well as what kind of users can see this information (everyone, only Wii U friends, or private). Also viewable from the profile page are favorite communities, their posts (either from their Play Journal, Drawings, Open Discussions, or all posts), and a favorite post if set. Users can also follow other users (one user can only follow 1,000 other users), on the Wii U Miiverse they can send friend requests to each other and send private messages to users on their Friend List. On the post list, users can view both their own posts and any posts they have given a "Yeah" to.

Within a community, users can choose to view more information on the title on the Nintendo eShop, favorite the community, and choose what kind of posts to see (Show All, Hide Spoilers, or Hide All Posts). In the communities themselves, posts are organized into one of three categories: Play Journal posts, which detail game progress; Drawings, which are posts featuring drawn artwork; and Discussion posts, in which players can posts comments to start discussions about the game; players can also view posts made before the redesigned Miiverse. A feed dedicated to posts from Verified Users (game developers and Nintendo representatives) is also available and accessible from the main Communities page. Certain communities also have related communities, such as an "Announcement Community" (typically a "Developers' Room") that allows developers and Nintendo representatives to post updates and events for the game. Miiverse also features various special communities for functions and events not related to a specific game.

While connected to Miiverse, players can make posts using either text or drawings depending on the kind of post, as well as being able to comment on and "Yeah!" other users' posts. Users can also attach in-game screenshots to their posts, choose an emotion for their post, can create drawing posts using pre-made images obtained in-game depending on the game, and occasionally may also attach YouTube videos or web links; as of the redesign a private Screenshot Album is also available that allows users to save up to 100 in-game screenshots, which they are able to view (Nintendo 3DS screenshots can be viewed in 3D on a Nintendo 3DS system) and select to make posts with or delete. Users are also able to mark posts that have spoilers, which can also be done from post settings; these can also be used to set a favorite post or delete a post. Miiverse posts are organized into three types: Play Journal Entries, which are posts that show game progress; Drawings, which show posts that use drawn images; and Discussion, which allow users to discuss aspects of the game. Users can only make up to 30 posts per day, and each post can only use 200 characters; posts also have a comment limit of 1000 per post. On the web version of Miiverse, users can share posts on other social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr, or embed it on another website. When not connected to Miiverse on Nintendo 3DS systems, users can save up to 3 posts which can be posted later.

Miiverse posts can appear in integrated software, as well as on the Warawara Plaza whenever the system is on the Home Menu.


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