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Below is a list of all Wii Channels that have been released over the course of years. They are split up intro different categories.

Core Channels[edit]

These channels are usually preinstalled on a Wii and can't be deleted, but not all of these channels were available on all Wii revisions.

Disc Channel[edit]

The Disc Channel is not a typical channel, but instead you use it to launch Wii Discs. If no Disc is inserted, it shows a Wii Disc and on Gamecube compatible models also a Gamecube Disc. It can't be launched in this state. Once a Disc is inserted, the Disc starts spinning until the game banner is loaded. It then shows a preview banner of the inserted game and usually plays a short track. If a Gamecube Disc was inserted, it shows a generic Gamecube titlescreen instead, and plays the startup jingle of the Gamecube in the background. The Disc Channel is preinstalled on all Wii models and can't be deleted. It is also the only Channel that can't be moved to a different spot on the Wii Menu.

Mii Channel[edit]

The main purpose of the Mii Channel is creating Miis. The Mii Lobby can save up to 100 Miis. Up to ten of them can be marked as favorite. Wii games can use Miis from the Mii Lobby as background characters. They will use Miis marked as favorite more often in this case. Just as the Disc Channel, the Mii Channel is the only channel that is preinstalled on all Wii models, as many games require Miis to be played.

Photo Channel[edit]

The Photo Channel is a preloaded channel on the Wii system that would display images from an already inserted SD card on the Wii console, with a ton of creativity sparkled as you can doodle on photos, place stickers, make a puzzle out of your photo and even change the color variant to your image.

Photo Channel 1.1[edit]

An updated version of the Photo Channel loaded via Wii system updates.

Photo Channel 1.0 Restore Program[edit]

A free channel that was available only in the japanese Wii Shop Channel. It allows users to downgrade the Photo Channel 1.1 to the original version, if they own a Wii that came with the Photo Channel 1.1 preinstalled.

Wii Shop Channel[edit]

The Wii Shop Channel is a channel preloaded in any Wii pre-Wii Mini. It lets you download a variant of retro titles for old systems via Virtual Console, smaller games created by smaller developers via WiiWare, and more Wii Channels. This channel introduced a virtual currency, dubbed "Wii Points" that you can buy with real money and spend on Virtual Console/WiiWare games. Every single Wii Channel is free to download.

News Channel[edit]

The News Channel is a channel preloaded in any Wii pre-Wii mini that lets users browse news articles from around the world. Like the Forecast Channel, it features a 3d interactive globe representing the Earth that can be used to find headlines from different places.

Forecast Channel[edit]

The Forecast Channel is a channel preloaded in any Wii system before the Wii Mini that lets users view the weather in cities around the world. You are able to view a full 7 day forecast using the Forecast Channel. Like the News Channel, you can use a 3D interactive representation of the Earth that lets you see the weather from places around the world.

Get Connected Video Channel[edit]

This channel came preinstalled on later models of the standard Wii and the Wii Family Edition. It basically is a video, that shows how to connect your Wii to the internet and the possibilites of doing so. At the end of the video it is suggested to delete it. One should do so, as it uses almost all available blocks in the Wii memory. Once deleted there is no way to get it back, neither from the Wii Shop Channel nor by reformatting the console.

Wii Menu Manual[edit]

This channel is preinstalled on the Wii mini and the Wii Menu of the Wii U. It is a digital user manual of the Wii system, as these Wii models didn't come with a physical instruction booklet anymore. There is no way to delete it.

Wii U Menu Channel[edit]

This channel is used on the Wii Menu of the Wii U to shut down the Wii Menu and return to the Wii U Menu. It is preinstalled and can't be deleted.

Game enhancing Channels[edit]

The channels in this list can only by installed while playing certain Wii games. They allow for some features to be used without starting the actual game.

Mario Kart Channel[edit]

The Mario Kart Channel is a channel that allowed access to your current Mario Kart Wii license stats and special gamemodes related to the game's use of the Nintendo Wifi Connection or Nintendo WFC, such as tournaments, ghost races, Friend Code registration, among other uses. The channel can be downloaded via Mario Kart Wii disc.

Jam with the Band Live Channel[edit]

The Jam with the Band Live Channel or the Speaker Channel in japan, allows Wii users to hear the DS game, Jam with the Band's sound through their television speakers.

Rabbids Channel[edit]

The Rabbids Channel is a channel similar to the Check Mii Out/Mii Contest Channel in that lets users enter a Rabbid they've morphed using the game's character editor into contest administered by Ubisoft. Like the Check Mii Out/Mii Contest Channel, users can download Rabbids from contestans that they would like to use in the game.

Wii Fit Channel[edit]

The Wii Fit Channel is a channel downloaded via Wii Fit that allows users to view and compare their results and those of others, as well as their progress in Wii Fit without having the Wii disc inserted

Wii Fit Plus Channel[edit]

This is basically the same channel as the Wii Fit Channel, but for Wii Fit Plus instead. Neither is this channel compatible with the original Wii Fit, nor can the Wii Fit Channel be used on Wii Fit Plus.

Wii Speak Channel[edit]

The Wii Speak Channel is a channel that Wii Speak users are able to access via a download code after buying one. The channel allows to voice chat with other people online in one of four rooms with Wii Friends using the Wii Speak while online.

Other Channels[edit]

Channels in this section are completely optional and could be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel, usually for free.

Amazon Instant Video[edit]


BBC iPlayer[edit]


Check Mii Out Channel[edit]




Damae Channel[edit]


Digicam Print Channel[edit]


Everybody Votes Channel[edit]


Hulu Plus[edit]


Internet Channel[edit]


Internet Channel Trial Version[edit]


Kirby TV Channel[edit]


Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel[edit]




Nintendo Channel[edit]


Television Friend Channel[edit]


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Save Data Update Channel[edit]


Today and Tomorrow Channel[edit]


USB Flash Optimization Channel[edit]




Wii No Ma[edit]


Wii U Transfer Channel[edit]




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