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Wii Zapper

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Wii Zapper
Wii Zapper.jpg
Wii Zapper with Wii Remote and Nunchuk attached
Release year: 2007
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Compatible: Wii, Wii U
Model no.: RVL-023

The Wii Zapper is a gun-shaped shell accessory for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, released in 2007 and named after the NES Zapper light gun. Originally unveiled at E3 2006 with a design much more closely resembling the NES Zapper, the accessory was released the following year. While the concept of a gun peripheral existed when the Wii Remote was created, development on the Wii Zapper began after a member of the development team for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess created a makeshift shell accessory out of wires and rubber bands[1].

In Japan, the Wii Zapper at release was packaged with the game Ghost Squad. For the international releases, it was packaged with Link's Crossbow Training.

Features and functionality

The Zapper has two configurations for play: one with both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk attached, and one with the Wii Remote attached, while the Nunchuk is held in the other hand.[2] When both are attached, the Wii Remote sits in the gun barrel, while the Nunchuck sits on the back, where the control stick and Z and C buttons can be used. Underneath the Wii Remote on the back is a tab that moves the grips, allowing it to be removed. On the front of the gun is the grip and the trigger, which allows the B button on the Wii Remote to be used. Finally, on the bottom is a removable cover which stores the cord connecting the Nunchuk to the Wii Remote.

Compatible games published by Nintendo

Game Developer Year
Link's Crossbow Training Nintendo EAD 2007
Eco Shooter: Plant 530 Intelligent Systems 2009
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Treasure 2009
Go Vacation Namco Bandai Games 2011



  • One early iteration of the Zapper had battery-powered force feedback. The feature was scrapped so that consumers would not need to buy batteries.[1]
  • The concept for the Wii U GamePad originated in part from a prototype controller which featured a screen display on a Wii Zapper.[3]
    • In addition to this, Nintendo's E3 2011 introduction video for the Wii U showed a gun peripheral based on the Wii Zapper, though adapted to be its own controller rather than a shell and with a built-in stand for the Wii U GamePad[4]. Though two versions of this accessory were patented (one similar to the one in the video and one being a smaller version)[5], neither of these were ever released.

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